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YouTube TV Choppy? (10 Different Easy Fixes)

The convenience of YouTube TV has made it one of the most exciting streaming services out there. While it typically performs well, the video quality sometimes suffers, and this can be frustrating. So, why is YouTube TV choppy and what can you try to fix it?

YouTube TV can appear choppy if you have a weak Wi-Fi connection or if 3 or more users stream at once from the same account. Choppy video also happens when you run stream a video quality that is too high for your device to support. Update the YouTube TV app and the device you stream from to prevent choppy videos and app crashes.

It also helps to delete the app, clear the cache, and reinstall it. Follow along as we explore why YouTube TV is choppy and highlight ways to fix the problem.

How to Fix YouTube TV When It’s Choppy

Connect to Wi-Fi

Connect to Wi-Fi if you are using YouTube TV with cellular data. Cellular data is convenient, but the performance and image quality are often choppy compared to connecting to Wi-Fi. If you’re watching YouTube TV on a smart TV, it’s mandatory that you connect to Wi-Fi or the app won’t work.

Reset Your Router/Modem

If you are connected to Wi-Fi but the YouTube TV app is choppy, you must reset your router and modem. You can reset them both by unplugging them each at the same time for 30 seconds. In some cases, you may have to repeat the process once or twice to reboot your Wi-Fi connection.

Power Cycle Your TV

Much like your router and modem, it’s necessary to power cycle your TV every once in a while to fix problems. If you are connected to Wi-Fi but YouTube TV is choppy, simply unplug your TV and leave it unplugged for up to 3 minutes. It takes longer to power cycle a TV than a router in many cases, so try to be patient.

Log Out and Back In

If YouTube TV is choppy, it may be because you must reauthenticate your account. When you sign into your YouTube account, it automatically authenticates you. When you go a while without logging out and signing back in, YouTube may need to authenticate you and you simply don’t know it.

You can fix many problems with Google and YouTube if you sign out and log back in.

Wait for Server Repairs

If YouTube TV is choppy and eventually stops working, it could be because the servers are down. You cannot fix YouTube’s servers, so you don’t need to worry about finding a solution in this case. However, should regularly check online to see when the servers will go back online so you can get back to watching YouTube TV.

Adjust the Video Quality

Video quality has everything to do with how YouTube TV performs, no matter what device you stream on. YouTube TV lets you adjust video quality to get the best performance. However, some TVs, tablets, phones, and PCs aren’t equipped to support the highest video quality.

If you have the video quality set to the maximum level and YouTube TV is choppy, you should lower the quality to boost the performance. Avoid setting the video quality to 4K or 1080 if you have an old phone or TV as YouTube TV will be choppy and struggle to keep up.

Delete and Reinstall YouTube TV

Over time, apps like YouTube TV deal with lots of data that can eventually affect the performance. The data cache can become too full and hinder the quality making videos look choppy. You can quickly clear the cache on YouTube TV if you delete the app and reinstall it.

Only Run one App at a Time

It’s easy to leave many apps running at once, but that can lead to choppy video quality on YouTube TV. Close the apps that run in the background so your device can support YouTube TV for the best performance. Otherwise, the video will appear choppy as YouTube TV won’t have all of the device’s energy.

Stream on No More Than 3 Devices

Like most streaming services, YouTube TV limits how many users can stream content a once. The maximum number of devices that can stream YouTube TV at once is three. Once the threshold is met, YouTube TV will appear choppy and the app may even crash.

Update the Device You Stream On

Whether you stream YouTube TV on a phone, tablet, or PC, it will only work well if the device is caught up on updates. Without the latest update, YouTube TV’s video quality will be choppy and inconsistent. Check to see if there is an update available for your device, and install it right away to improve the streaming resolution and performance.

Update the YouTube TV App

YouTube TV frequently releases updates to improve video quality, introduce new features, and fix bugs. If you are behind on updates, the app will suffer a choppy performance. You will also miss out on new features that improve the overall experience, so make sure to update YouTube TV as often as possible.

Reopen the App

Have you been running the YouTube TV app for several hours? If so, there is a good chance that the video quality will suffer and appear choppy. You can often fix the choppy video quality if you close the app, wait a moment, and reopen it. It may take a few tries, but this typically works if there is no problem with your Wi-Fi or the device.

Switch Browsers

Are you watching YouTube TV on your PC? If so, the choppy video quality may be related to the web browser you are streaming on. For example, if YouTube TV is choppy on Internet Explore, close the window and log in on Google Chrome. You should notice a difference.

It also helps to check to see if there are any available web browser updates to install.

Delete Your Ad Blocker

Nobody likes advertisements, so it’s tempting to use an ad blocker for YouTube TV. However, ad blockers violate YouTube’s terms of service, and using one can lead to performance issues. Not only can this cause choppy video quality, but you may also be penalized and even banned by YouTube.

Either delete your ad blocker or disable it while you watch YouTube TV to avoid problems.

Replace Your Router

When was the last time you replaced your Wi-Fi router? Ideally, you should replace your router every 3-5 years, or as needed when it breaks. You won’t have to worry about choppy videos with a new router unless there is a problem with the device or app.

Switch to a Wired Connection

It’s easy to forget that you can switch to a wired Ethernet connection when you suffer from Wi-Fi problems. However, this simple solution can solve everything from choppy videos to app crashes if you have poor Wi-Fi service in your area. Call your local electrician if you don’t have experience setting up an Ethernet cable.

Reach Out to YouTube

If all else fails, you can always reach out to YouTube if you still experience choppy video quality. They can help with everything from password recovery to YouTube TV performance issues. The YouTube Help Center is comprehensive, easy to use, and typically offers quick response times and troubleshooting tips.

So, Why Is YouTube TV Choppy?

Check your Wi-Fi connection if YouTube TV is choppy and make sure you have the latest update. You may need to restart and update your device or close out background apps if the problem continues.

Avoid using a VPN or ad blocker as they can violate YouTube’s terms of service which can lead to choppy video quality and even getting banned from the platform.