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YouTube Shorts Comments Not Working (6 Easy Ways To Fix It!)

Comments are an important part of the algorithm for YouTube shorts and long-form videos alike. It may be your first instinct to check the comments after you watch funny or intriguing YouTube shorts, so it can be confusing when they are not working. So, what should you do when YouTube shorts comments are not working?

Update YouTube or clear the app’s cache if comments are not working on YouTube shorts. You can also fix this problem in many cases if you delete your browser history and data. In many cases, comments won’t appear on YouTube shorts because they are disabled by the content creator, or they violate the community guidelines.

Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data if the comments on YouTube shorts are not working. Follow along as we explore what to do when YouTube shorts comments are not working.

Why are YouTube Shorts Comments Not Showing?

Community Guidelines Violations

YouTube has strict community guidelines, and no comments that violate them will appear on YouTube shorts. Abusive, hateful, and profane comments are often deleted from YouTube shorts. Whether the content creator deletes them, or YouTube removes them automatically, comments won’t appear if they are negative, offensive, and hateful in many cases.

The Comment Was Flagged

If YouTube comments aren’t showing or appear to be not working, it could be because they were flagged. Content creators can flag comments, but YouTube may do it automatically in some cases. YouTube may also automatically delete comments if the commenter has previously been flagged as this Redditor has pointed out.

Comment Moderation

Many creators of YouTube shorts closely moderate the comments on their videos. They do this to get rid of negative comments that reflect negatively on their channels. Content creators also actively remove spam comments on YouTube shorts.

Bots and scammers often invade the comments on YouTube shorts to promote a product, channel, or web page. Spam comments are unwelcome on most channels, and YouTube automatically removes them in some cases. Otherwise, it’s up to the YouTuber to remove spam and moderate the comments on their shorts.

It’s a New Video

Do you turn on notifications for any of your favorite YouTube channels? If so, you may be among the first people to watch YouTube shorts from your favorite content creators. It doesn’t mean that comments are not working if you don’t see them on new YouTube shorts. You may simply need to wait an hour or two until more people have seen and commented on the short.

Comments are Disabled

Content creators on YouTube can disable comments for videos. This is common among YouTubers who experience a high volume of negative comments. You will see a message that says “Comments are disabled for this video” if you watch a video with disabled comments. It’s easy to miss this message if you don’t pay attention, but it can explain why you don’t see comments on a YouTube video.

YouTube Error

Just like any app or streaming service, YouTube is imperfect. The app and website are both prone to bugs and glitches that affect the performance, which includes the comments on YouTube shorts not working.

You can tell that is the case if the comments are not working on any of the YouTube shorts you watch. Give YouTube a few hours to fix the error in this case.

How to Fix YouTube Shorts Comments

Update YouTube

Do YouTube shorts say there are comments, but you can’t see them? If so, that doesn’t mean that comments aren’t working, but it may indicate that something is wrong with the app. Luckily, it’s easy to update the YouTube app from the iPhone app store and Google Play store if you are an Android user.

You won’t have to worry about updating YouTube if you enable automatic app updates on your phone, however. This will improve the performance of YouTube if comments are not working as well as each of the apps you use.

Refresh the Page

It may appear that comments are not working on YouTube shorts, but you may simply need to refresh the page. On your phone, you can refresh the comments if you swipe down while in the comments section. If you are on your PC, you can simply reload the comments if you click the refresh button on your web browser.

Switch to Wi-Fi

Are you watching YouTube shorts with cellular data? You can typically expect a slower performance with cellular data than with Wi-Fi when you watch YouTube shorts. This may make it seem like comments are not working, but they just aren’t loading quickly enough.

However, you can also fix comments that are not working if you switch to cellular data from a weak Wi-Fi connection. Ideally, you should use whatever provides the best connection whether it be Wi-Fi or cellular data. It varies based on your location, but Wi-Fi typically offers the best performance for YouTube shorts.

Clear the Cache

Each app you use has a data cache that affects its performance. Once the data becomes too full and corrupted, you will experience performance problems, and the app may not work at all. A corrupted cache can explain why comments are not working on YouTube shorts.

If you’re an Android user, you can quickly clear YouTube’s cache from the settings menu on your phone. Simply open settings, select “Apps”, tap “Manage Apps”, and click on YouTube. Scroll down and tap “Clear Cache” to remove corrupted data.

The easiest way to clear YouTube’s cache on an iPhone is to delete the app and reinstall it. This will remove corrupted data. Simply sign back, watch some YouTube shorts, and see if the comments work.

Reconfigure YouTube

You must reconfigure YouTube’s layout in some cases if comments are not working. Simply tap your profile icon and click on “YouTube Studio”. Tap “Creator Studio Classic” to reconfigure YouTube so comments will appear on videos and YouTube shorts. However, this only works if you previously changed the layout of your app and profile.

Delete Your Browser Data

Are the comments on YouTube shorts not working on your web browser? If so, it may be because your browser data is bloated and corrupted. Clear your browser’s history and data to fix this problem. Otherwise, you may simply want to switch to another browser, such as Google Chrome.

So, Why aren’t YouTube Shorts Comments Working?

If the comments on YouTube shorts are not working, it may be because comments are disabled or it’s a new video. This can also happen if the comments were flagged by the poster or if they violated YouTube’s community guidelines. Update the app, refresh the page, clear the cache, and delete your browser data if the comments on YouTube shorts are still not working.