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Why is YouTube TV Not Working on My Smart TV? (10 Reasons)

YouTube TV has replaced standard cable subscriptions for many people. The ability to install YouTube TV on a smart TV makes it easy to watch nearly anything on one service. That is only true when the app works, of course. So, why is YouTube TV not working on my smart TV?

Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi if YouTube TV is not working on your smart TV. Switch to an Ethernet connection and contact your Internet service provider if Wi-Fi won’t work. Update your smart TV, update the YouTube TV app, and delete apps you don’t use to make YouTube TV perform better if it is still not working.

Many Redditors have found that there are plenty of ways to fix YouTube TV when it’s not working. Follow along as we explore why YouTube TV is not working on your smart TV.

How to Fix YouTube TV

Connect to Wi-Fi

If YouTube TV is not working on your smart TV, it is likely because you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi. Check the Wi-Fi icon on your TV to see if you are connected. If not, you must connect to the Wi-Fi network from the settings menu on your smart TV.

However, you must reset your router if the Wi-Fi is out throughout your home. Unplug the router, leave it alone for 30 seconds, and plug it back in. Wait a moment and reopen YouTube TV on your smart TV to see if it works.

Use an Ethernet Cable

While it’s much more convenient to use Wi-Fi, that is not always an option. If YouTube TV is not working on your smart TV because of Wi-Fi problems, you may want to switch to a wired connection. Connect an Ethernet cable to your smart TV, reopen YouTube TV, and see if it works.

Close and Reopen the App

Sometimes, apps like YouTube TV simply need a break. You can give YouTube TV and your smart TV a nice break if you close the app. On most smart TVs, you can close apps if you press the “back” button a few times until a prompt appears asking if you want to close the app.

Close the app, wait a moment, and reopen it to see if YouTube TV works.

Update Your Smart TV

Just like your smartphone, smart TVs require regular updates to work well. Some smart TVs update automatically whereas others notify you that one is available. If you see an update is available, install it right away to ensure that apps like YouTube TV will run smoothly.

Updates don’t always appear, so you may need to manually check for one in your smart TV’s settings menu. You can typically find updates under the “General” or “About” section in the settings menu, but it varies between smart TVs.

Reinstall the App

Apps carry lots of baggage, and it accumulates over time. This is true whether you have YouTube TV on your iPhone or your Samsung smart TV. Data builds up over time, and it can cause apps to crash, lag, and experience bugs.

Highlight YouTube TV with your remove but don’t open it. Most smart TVs have an “App Information” prompt. Click this prompt or its equivalent and look for updates. Install the update, and YouTube TV should work again.

Clear the Cache

Many smart TVs let you clear an app’s cache. For example, on an Amazon Fire TV, you can open settings, click on “Apps”, “Manage Installed Applications”, and select YouTube TV. From there, you can simply scroll down and press “Clear Cache”.

This will remove the corrupted data without needing to delete the app. Each smart TV has a unique method to clear an app’s cache, but you can always find it in the settings menu.

Restart the TV

It may sound too good to be true, but you can fix many app bugs by simply restarting your smart TV. Restart your smart TV via the power button or from the settings menu. It takes a minute for the TV to restart. Open YouTube TV once it restarts, and hopefully, the app will work properly.

Stream on Fewer Devices

YouTube limits users to stream on 3 devices at a time. Once a fourth person logs into your YouTube account, you will experience several errors. YouTube TV will either stop working or it will run slowly.

If it’s your account, contact the other people who use it to see if they are using YouTube TV. Once one or more of them log off, the app should work on your smart TV.

Delete Apps You Don’t Use

Do you have a lot of apps on your smart TV? If so, that could explain why YouTube TV isn’t working. The less storage space you have on your smart TV, the more likely some apps are to experience performance issues.

This includes everything from crashes and bugs to problems with the image quality. Scroll the installed apps on your smart TV and delete anything you don’t use often. This should free up enough space for YouTube TV to work properly.  

Avoid VPNs

Virtual private networks, or VPNs are great when it comes to cyber security. However, they can cause problems with YouTube TV and smart TVs in general. That’s especially true if you enabled location permissions on YouTube or your TV.

You can use VPNs to alter your location, and that can throw off certain apps and smart TVs. YouTube or your TV may recognize that the location you set your VPN to is different than what you set up. This can cause apps to crash and not even work at all. Disable your VPN to avoid problems.

Stop Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring makes it easy to project YouTube TV from one device to another. You can open YouTube TV on your smart TV with screen mirroring, but that isn’t always reliable. For example, YouTube TV may not work when screen mirroring if there is something wrong with your phone.

This can happen due to connectivity problems with your phone. It can also occur if you have too many background apps running on your phone. Close the YouTube TV app on your phone and smart TV. Reopen the app on your TV instead of screen mirroring to avoid problems.

Wait for YouTube to Repair the Server

If YouTube’s servers go down, you won’t be able to stream YouTube TV on your smart TV. This is typically a short-lived problem that YouTube fixes within a day. Luckily, you can use websites like to check for updates and find out when YouTube’s servers go back online.

Contact Your ISP

If you experience network connectivity problems for several days that won’t let you watch YouTube TV, you must contact your ISP. Your Internet service provider can send someone out to service your router and modem or even replace them altogether. This is the best option if nothing is wrong with your smart TV but you can’t maintain a Wi-Fi signal.

So, Why Won’t YouTube TV Work on My Smart TV?

YouTube TV won’t work on your smart TV if you have a weak Internet connection. If YouTube TV is not working but you are connected to Wi-Fi, you may need to update your smart TV. Restart the TV, update the YouTube TV app, and avoid screen mirroring from your phone if the app typically works otherwise.