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Why is My Instagram Black? (4 Reasons & How To Fix It)

It can be quite confusing if you are used to a white layout on Instagram and now everything is suddenly dark. However, it’s much more confusing when the screen turns black and you can’t do anything on the app. So, why is my Instagram black?

If your Instagram home page is black, it may be because you turned on dark mode. However, if the screen is black and blank and won’t let you interact with Instagram, it may mean you have connectivity problems. Connect to Wi-Fi, turn on cellular data, and restart your phone if Instagram is black and won’t work.

The screen can also go black if the app is outdated or if too many apps are running in the background. Follow along as we explore why Instagram went black and see what you can do to fix the problem.

Why Has My Instagram Turned Black?

You Enabled Dark Mode

When people say their Instagram turned black, they could mean one of two things. The first is that the screen simply went black and blank and you can’t do anything. However, people often mean that they can use and see Instagram but that the app’s layout is black.

In this case, it means that Instagram is in dark mode. Instead of the traditional white layout and background behind the icons, dark mode turns the background black. This makes it more pleasant to look at the phone in the dark, and many Instagram users prefer it because it isn’t as bright and abrasive as light mode.

However, it can be confusing if you accidentally enable dark mode and want light mode back. You cannot turn the dark mode off from Instagram. To disable dark mode, you must open your phone’s settings, and select “Display and Brightness”. Select “Light” if the display is set to “Dark”. You can do the same thing on an Android under the “Set Theme” section in the settings.

The Cache is Corrupted

If Instagram appears black and you cannot interact with the app, it may be a sign that the data cache is corrupted. Apps like Instagram quickly take on lots of data, and over time, it can negatively affect the performance. This will slow the app down, make it crash, and turn the screen black or white.

All it takes to clear the cache on Instagram is deleting it. Simply hold the app icon with your finger, select “delete”, and wait a moment. Reinstall the app, see if the home screen still appears black and blank, and sign back in.

Connectivity Problems

Network connectivity problems can explain why the screen on Instagram is black. You can open Instagram without a network connection, but the screen may appear black or white and you can’t do anything. In that case, you must simply connect to Wi-Fi.

Turn on cellular data if you cannot access a Wi-Fi network right away. Otherwise, the screen will remain black until you connect to Wi-Fi or use cellular data.

Too Much Background Activity

It’s easy to leave multiple apps running in the background on your phone. However, you can limit the performance of the apps you actively use, such as Instagram, if you do this. Close as many background apps as possible, including Instagram.

Reopen Instagram and see if the screen is still black. If so, you must keep troubleshooting using the fixes in the following section.

How to Fix Black Screen on Instagram

Offload Instagram

While deleting Instagram can clear the cache, you can also clear the app’s cache by offloading it if you have an iPhone. This won’t remove the app from your phone but it will remove the corrupted data if the screen is black. Open the settings menu on your iPhone, scroll down, and select Instagram.

Simply tap “Offload App” and “Reinstall App”. The screen shouldn’t be black anymore when you open it unless something else is wrong.

“Force Stop” Instagram

If you have an Android and the Instagram screen is black, you can “force stop” the app to solve the problem in many cases. First, you must open settings, select “Apps”, and scroll down to Instagram. Select Instagram and tap “Force Stop”. Restart your phone, open Instagram, and the screen shouldn’t be black.

Restart Your Phone

If the screen is black on Instagram and nothing else works, you may need to restart your phone. Smartphones can easily encounter glitches if you don’t restart them weekly. Turn your phone off and wait up to 3 minutes before you turn it back on.

This will give your phone a much-needed break. Reopen Instagram and see if the screen is still black. If so, then you may need to update Instagram.

Update Instagram

When you have an outdated version of Instagram, the screen may appear black or white and you can’t do anything. Luckily, Instagram releases frequent updates, and they install automatically in most cases. However, updates won’t install right away if you don’t have enough free space on your phone.

Go through your phone’s settings and check the storage data. Delete and offload apps you don’t use frequently, clear old messages, and remove pictures you don’t need. Instagram should update automatically within minutes once you make space for it.

So, Why Did My Instagram Turn Black?

Instagram turns black if you enable dark mode. If the screen is black and you can’t do anything, it may be because of connectivity problems or too much background activity. You may simply need to restart your phone, update Instagram, or reinstall the app to clear the corrupted cache if the screen is black.