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Why Does Instagram Keep Logging Me Out? (6 Reasons Why & How To Fix)

Instagram is a low-maintenance app most of the time, but when you encounter glitches, it can be quite frustrating. This is especially true if you can’t stay logged in on Instagram. So, why does Instagram keep logging me out?

Check your Wi-Fi connection if Instagram keeps logging you out as this can happen due to connectivity issues if you don’t have cellular data. This also happens when your app has corrupted data or if you use suspicious third-party apps. Avoid signing in on several devices from different locations on the same day or Instagram may log you out to make sure your account isn’t getting hacked.

Instagram will also keep logging you out if the servers go down and you must wait for them to repair them. Follow along as we explore why Instagram keeps logging you out and see what you can do to fix the problem.

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Why Did Instagram Randomly Log Me Out?

Weak Connection

Check your Wi-Fi connection if Instagram keeps logging you out. The app will struggle to perform when you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi, especially if you don’t use cellular data. Wait to try to log in again until you have a strong Wi-Fi connection or cellular service, and the problem should be resolved.

Your Cache is Corrupted

A corrupted data cache can cause countless problems on Instagram, and that can explain why Instagram keeps logging you out. The corrupted data gets in the way of Instagram’s many bots and algorithms that are responsible for logging you in. A bloated cache can also make Instagram flag your activity as suspicious, and that can log you out of the app.

Suspicious Account Activity

Instagram can suspect unusual account activity for many reasons besides corrupted cache data. For example, using third-party apps can trigger Instagram’s security protocols to believe something is wrong. The more third parties you let access your Instagram data, the more likely you are to get logged out of the app.

Your account can also get flagged for suspicious activity if you log in on several devices on the same day. Instagram may flag you for suspicious account activity if you spam other users with messages, especially if they are promotional. Avoid violating the community guidelines as that can also get your account flagged and log you out.

You Are Using a VPN

VPNs, or virtual private networks, are among the best ways to protect yourself from cyber threats. However, many people use VPNs to be misleading about their IP address and account activity. Instagram knows this and they restrict VPN activity.

If Instagram detects that you are using a VPN, they may log you out of your account. That is especially true if you use a VPN to manually change your location. If you must use a VPN, make sure you don’t use it to change your location or mislead other Instagram users to avoid problems.

Instagram’s Server is Down

While it’s an inconvenience when Instagram’s servers go down, at least you know it’s not your fault. Instagram has a network of servers that accommodate the billions of users on the platform, and they fail sometimes. Luckily, you can check the status of Instagram server outages online.

You Use Multiple Accounts

Many Instagram users have a “Finsta”, or secondary account. This is more common than ever, but it can confuse Instagram if you frequently swap back and forth between them. That is especially true if you use your secondary account to interact with your primary account.

This only increases the chance that your account will get flagged for suspicious activity. There is nothing wrong with having a secondary Instagram account, but it can explain why you keep getting logged out. Avoid logging in and out of both accounts several times on the same day or you are more likely to experience problems.

What to Do if Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out

Report the Issue to Instagram

Report the problem to Instagram if the app keeps logging you out. You can quickly report the problem if you open the app and shake your phone. Engage the prompt that appears on the screen to report the problem and explain what is happening. Instagram’s support team can either provide you with common fixes or create a ticket to get the problem fixed.

Update the App

If you keep getting logged out or Instagram keeps crashing, you probably need to update the app. Instagram typically installs updates automatically, but only if you have enough free space on your phone or computer. Make sure you have enough space and delete apps you don’t use if your storage is full. Now, the update should automatically install.

Avoid Using Third-Party Apps

Stop giving third-party apps Instagram permissions if you keep getting logged out. Instagram keeps track of the third-party apps you use, and they can quickly flag you for suspicious activity if something is unusual. Open your Instagram account’s settings menu on your PC and select “Apps and Websites”.

Scroll through the list of third-party apps and websites that you use. Remove any suspicious third-party app so it is no longer associated with your Instagram account and try to log back in.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication can stop you from getting unexpectedly logged out. This simple security system requires you to enter a login code that they send via text or WhatsApp. Simply open your settings, select “Privacy and Security, and scroll down to “Two-Factor Authentication”.

Enable two-factor authentication and select the method you want to receive the login code. This will protect your account from hackers and keep you logged in even when you use other devices in most cases.

Restart Your Phone

Instagram cannot work well if your phone is glitching. If you haven’t restarted your phone in over two weeks, you must restart it. You should restart your phone weekly to optimize performance, but many Instagram users forget to do this. This quick fix can also help if your Instagram chat isn’t working or if stories crash.

User Another Device

If you keep getting logged out of Instagram on your phone, try to use a PC. The problem may simply be with your phone being too old or that it has corrupted data. Sadly, you may need to replace your phone if that is the case.

You can tell that is the case if you can log in on another phone or PC. Several Redditors learned that the glitch may only apply to one device and not another.

What Triggers a Suspicious Login Attempt on Instagram?

Signing in on multiple devices on the same day from different locations can trigger a suspicious login attempt on Instagram. This can also happen if you log into Instagram in another country when you are on vacation. Suspicious login attempts can also be triggered when you manually alter your location with a VPN and Instagram detects it.

So, Why Do I Keep Getting Logged Out of Instagram?

Instagram will keep logging you out if you have a weak network connection or the cache has corrupted data. This can also happen if Instagram suspects suspicious activity, community violations, or that you are using a VPN.  Update the app, restart your phone, and report the problem to Instagram’s help center if the problem keeps happening.