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Why Can’t People Share My Instagram Story? (Fix It Now!)

Instagram stories added a level of depth to an already engaging social media platform. You can increase your engagement and help your Instagram account grow if other people share your story. So, why can’t people share my Instagram story?

People cannot add your story to their story unless you tag them in it. Other users can still share your story and send it to their friends if you have a public Instagram account, however. Instagram stories only last 24 hours, and people cannot share your story after it expires. You also cannot share Instagram stories if they are sponsored advertisements.

If you cannot share any stories and nobody can share your story, then it’s likely an Instagram glitch. Wait for the new update or shake your phone while the app is open to report the problem to Instagram. Follow along as we explore why people can’t share your Instagram story and see how you can fix the problem.

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Why Can Nobody Share My Story on Instagram?

You Didn’t Enable Sharing

Nobody can share your Instagram story if you don’t enable sharing. Even the people you tag cannot share your story on Instagram without sharing enabled. Look for the profile tab in the bottom right corner of the screen and tap it.

Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen and select “Settings and privacy”. Scroll down under “Interactions”, tap “Story”, and tap “Allow Resharing to Stories”. Now, people can share your Instagram story and increase your exposure.

It’s an Advertisement

People can’t share your Instagram story if it’s an advertisement. This only applies to official advertisements, however. For example, other users cannot reshare your story if it’s a post that was sponsored and paid for.

Advertisement stories are marked as sponsored on Instagram for the sake of clarity with Instagram’s users. However, you can make a personal story post and reference a friend’s business and they can still share it if you tag them. Otherwise, sponsored story posts are not currently shareable on Instagram.

You Didn’t Tag Anyone

If people can’t share your Instagram story it’s likely because you didn’t tag them. That is especially true if you enable story sharing but people still can’t share the story. You can only add someone’s story to your story if they tag you.

Make sure to tag the people you want to reach out to if you want them to share your story. When you people on Instagram, they get a notification that they were mentioned. From there, they can like your post and add it to their story.

Private Account

Check to make sure your account is public if people can’t share your story on Instagram. Even if you’re friends with them, nobody can share your story or post if you have a private account. If Instagram lets people share your story when you have a private account, they will violate your privacy and their policy.

Luckily, it only takes 30 seconds to switch your account to public from the app’s settings menu. Open the Instagram app, tap the profile icon, open the menu in the upper right corner, and tap “Settings and privacy”. Scroll down and select “Account privacy”.

 Tap the “Private account” bar to make your profile public if the bar is green. If the bar is gray and says “Public”, then you have a public account.

The Story Expired

If people can’t share your Instagram story, it may simply be because it expired. Instagram stories only last for 24 hours and eventually disappear, but regular posts and reels don’t expire. If you want to increase your reach on Instagram, make a post, and other people can add it to their stories at any time.

You Don’t Follow Each Other

If you don’t both follow each other, there’s a good chance another user cannot share your story. Instagram users with private accounts must accept your follow request before you can interact. They must accept your follow request or else notifications will simply appear in the message request folder, even if you tag them.

The App Needs an Update

Instagram is prone to glitches, especially when the app needs to be updated. If people can’t share your story on Instagram, it may simply be because of a widespread glitch that affects many users. In other cases, you will experience glitches and won’t be able to use each feature on Instagram if you have an outdated version of the app.

Clear space on your phone so you have enough room for the new Instagram update. Instagram typically updates automatically for Android and iPhone users. However, the app will only update if you have enough space, so you must delete photos and apps if your phone is full.

Why Can’t My Friends Share My Instagram Story?

Your friends can’t share your Instagram story if you don’t enable sharing on your account. They also can’t share your story if it’s a sponsored advertisement. Only users that you tag in your story can repost the picture or video to their story. Set your account to public, or else people cannot share your Instagram story.