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What Does Challenge Required Mean on Instagram? (Bypass It Quickly)

It can throw you for a loop when an unexpected message appears on Instagram, especially if you don’t know what it means. “Challenge required” is one such confusing Instagram message, and many users don’t know what to do when they see it. So, what does “challenge required” mean on Instagram?

“Challenge required” means that you signed into Instagram using a new device or in a different location than usual. This message often goes away within moments, but it can last for 24-48 hours while Instagram authenticates your account. Enable two-factor authentication to avoid “challenge required” messages and to protect your account from hackers.

This message can also appear due to Wi-Fi connectivity problems, Instagram server outages, and if your app is outdated. Update the app or delete and reinstall it to clear Instagram’s cache and improve its performance. Follow along as we explore what “challenge required” means on Instagram and see what you can do to make it go away.

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Why Does Challenge Required Appear on Instagram?

“Challenge required” is a message that appears when Instagram encounters a glitch or suspects strange activity. For example, this message may appear if you unexpectedly sign into your account from another device. It can also appear if you log into Instagram in a different location than you typically do.

The message can also pop up if you continually enter the wrong login information. It’s part of Instagram’s elaborate system to protect users from hackers and fraudulent activity. This doesn’t mean that you are locked out of your account, but you may temporarily need to wait to log in or resume standard activity.

What Do You Do When Instagram Says Challenge Required?

Offload the App

If “challenge required” appears for no apparent reason, you may simply need to offload the app. Offloading an app is similar to deleting it. However, when you offload an app like Instagram, the icon will still appear on your phone’s home screen.

Your phone will also retain all the data from Instagram, so you can quickly log back in and resume browsing through Instagram. First, you must open your phone’s settings menu and select “General”. Scroll down, tap “Storage”, and find Instagram in the list of apps.

Select Instagram and tap “Offload App”. This will remove corrupted data and you can reinstall Instagram from the app store right away without losing key data, such as location information.

Connect to Wi-Fi

When unexpected messages appear on Instagram, such as “challenge required”, then your Wi-Fi connection is the first thing you should check. Instagram struggles to process requests with a weak Wi-Fi connection, especially if you don’t have cellular data or service. This includes logging in, so you must close the app, connect to Wi-Fi or cellular data, and try to log in again.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

“Challenge required” typically appears on Instagram when you log into the app from a different location or device than usual. You can get around this problem if you set up two-factor authentication. This safety measure sends you a login code via your phone number when you sign in.

With two-factor authentication, you won’t typically see the “challenge required” message. Tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, then press the three horizontal lines in the top right. Select “Settings and Privacy” and scroll down to “Two-Factor Authentication”.

Enable two-factor authentication and select the method you want to use. They can either send codes to your phone number, WhatsApp, or an authentication app like Google Authenticator. Not only does this prevent login errors, but it can also protect your account from hackers.

Reinstall the App

If “challenge required” even with two-factor authentication enabled, it may be a sign that your app’s cache is corrupted. While offloading the app can remove corrupt files, it’s much easier to simply delete the app in most cases. Deleting the app will clear its cache which is essential if you’ve had Instagram installed on the same phone for years.

Over time, the app’s cache becomes overloaded and takes on corrupted data that hinders its performance. You cannot manually clear the cache on Instagram, so you must delete and reinstall the app. Log back in and see if “challenge required” still appears.

Update Instagram

Instagram is prone to glitches when the app is outdated. This includes everything from story crashes to “challenge required” appearing when you sign in. Delete pictures and apps you don’t use to make room for the update, and it should fix several performance issues.

Use Another Device

Did “challenge required” appear even when you signed into Instagram using the same device as usual? If so, then you may simply need to sign in from a different phone or computer. This will tell you if it’s a problem with your account or the device itself.

If you can sign in from a different device than usual, it may be a sign that your phone has corrupted data. Either update your phone or reinstall Instagram to fix this.

Wait For Instagram to Restore The Server

Instagram server outages don’t happen often, but when they do, they can cause problems for countless users. If no fixes work when “challenge required” appears, it may be a sign that one of Instagram’s servers went down. Visit if you suspect a server outage. You will be able to tell when the outage was first reported and check for updates to see when it will end.

Use the Instagram Help Center

If nothing else works, it may be time to contact support through Instagram’s help center. The help center explains common error codes, problems, and troubleshooting options. You can also reach out to a support agent and create a ticket to get help from Instagram’s team.

How Long Does Challenge Required Last on Instagram?

“Challenge required” can last up to 24-48 hours, but it depends on the reason why. For example, it may take a day or two for this message to appear if Instagram must authenticate your account and check for security risks. However, this message may go away within minutes if it is simply a problem with your Wi-Fi connection.

So, What is Challenge Required on Instagram?

“Challenge required” is a message that appears when you sign into Instagram from a different device or location than usual. However, this message can also appear due to connectivity problems, corrupted data, and Instagram server outages. You can avoid this message if you enable two-factor authentication, and this will also protect your account.