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What is the Meaning of CFS on Instagram? (2023 Update)

Instagram can be difficult to navigate with the many features that they frequently add. It’s hard to keep track of the new features, updates, and even the lingo on Instagram. So, what does CFS mean on Instagram?

CFS means Close Friends Story on Instagram, and it’s different than a standard public story. A CFS only appears on your Close Friends list, and it expires after 24 hours like any Instagram story. You can add a user to your Close Friends list from the settings menu under the “Close Friends” tab. Sadly, you cannot remove yourself from a Close Friends group unless you block them or ask them to remove you.

Instagram doesn’t currently limit how many people you can add to your Close Friends list. When you post a story, make sure to select Close Friends if you don’t want it to be public. Follow along as we explore what CFS means on Instagram and see how you can put together a Close Friends list.

What is CFS on Instagram?

Close Friends Story, or CFS on Instagram, means that the Instagram story is private and meant for a handful of people. This is a unique feature that Instagram implemented to let users post stories that not all of their followers can see. With this feature, users can pick and choose which of their friends and followers can view their stories.

They can still post public stories on Instagram, but their CFS posts only appear to select users. This is a great idea if you have lots of followers, but only a handful of them are your close friends. A CFS lets you cut through the crowd and specifically make posts for your friends.

How to Make a CFS on Instagram

It’s easy to make a CFS on Instagram, but first, you must make a close friends list. Once you make a close friends list, you can make a CFS, or story that only goes to your close friends. First, you must tap the profile icon, click on the three vertical lines, and scroll down to “Close friends”.

When you tap “Close friends”, a list of the people you follow on Instagram will appear. You will also see a search bar you can use to find people, and that’s much faster. Tap on each user that you want to add to your list of close friends.  

Once you create the list, you can create a story that will only appear to them. You can still create and publish public Instagram stories, but you have the option to select Close Friends. Choose Close Friends for stories that you don’t want everyone to see.

How Long Does a CFS Last on Instagram?

A CFS only lasts 24 hours on Instagram. That is the standard duration of a public story on Instagram as well. You can delete a CFS before the 24 hours pass, but it will automatically expire after a day. The only difference between a CFS and a standard story is that only your close friends can see it.

How Do You Remove Yourself From Someone’s CF on Instagram?

Unfortunately, you cannot remove yourself from someone’s CF on Instagram. Once you are part of a Close Friends list on Instagram, it is up to the creator of the group to remove you. If you don’t want to be a part of the group anymore, you can ask the creator to remove you from it.

This may be uncomfortable, but you can simply explain that you don’t want to be a part of a special group for one reason or another. Otherwise, you can block the creator of the group if you don’t want to interact with them at all. You won’t be able to view their profile and they won’t be able to view yours.

So, What is a CFS on Instagram?

A CFS is a Close Friends Story on Instagram, and it doesn’t appear the same as a public story. This type of story only appears in a Close Friends group, and it expires after 24 hours. There is no limit to how many people you can include in your Close Friends group, and you can easily add people from the settings menu.