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VMware Fusion: How to add an extra Network Adapter to a Ubuntu VM

This tutorial will show you how to add extra network adapters to VMware Fusion VMs with an example of how to configure them in Ubuntu once added.



When you first create a Windows or Ubuntu VM with VMware Fusion*, you’ll notice it has a single network adapter configured to share the internet with the Mac.

Step 2

Add network adapter to a VMware Fusion VM

  1. Power off the VM
  2. Right click on the VM and click Settings…
  3. Click Add Device…

Step 1

Click Network Adapter then Add.

Step 3

Choose the VMware Fusion* network you want the network adapter connected to.

In the following example, we’ll connect the network adapter to a custom network which has NAT enabled and no DHCP service. Since DHCP is not enabled, VMs connected to this network will not be assigned an IP address automatically. We’ll see how to do this manually in the final step.

Step 4

Close the Settings screen and power on the VM.


How to assign a static IP to Ubuntu

After running ifconfig, you’ll notice the new network adapter is not configured. We’ll configure it in the following steps.

Step 3

Run ifconfig -a to find the name of the new network adapter.

Step 3

In the example above, the network adapter is named ens38. The network address of the custom VMware Fusion network the adapter is connected to is and the subnet mask is

Let’s say we wanted to assign an IP of to the new network adapter of the VM. The netplan config in Ubuntu 18.04 would look like the following:

Step 3

Now when running ifconfig we can see the adapter is configured:

Step 3

We should now be able to ping the VM from the Mac and also ping the Mac from the VM using its address of

For more details on how to configure static IP addresses on Ubuntu see the following tutorials:

Written by: Tony Mackay

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