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Fix Sorry This Page Isn’t Available Instagram Quickly (10 Possible Solutions)

Instagram can throw you for a loop when you search for a profile, and it doesn’t show up. This is even more confusing when a message says “Sorry, this page isn’t available” but you know they have an account. So, what does “Sorry, this page isn’t available” mean on Instagram and what can you do about it?

“Sorry, this page isn’t available” means that a user blocked you on Instagram, got banned, or deactivated their account. You will also see this message if you reach the daily follower limit of 200 accounts per day. In some cases, you simply need to update the app, reinstall it, or search for the profile on another device if it still says the page is unavailable.  

Check to see if Instagram’s servers are down if you can’t view any profiles on Instagram. Follow along as we explore what to do when you see “Sorry, this page isn’t available” on Instagram.

What Does “Sorry, This Page Isn’t Available” on Instagram Mean?

You Have Been Blocked

As much as it hurts to admit, you may have been blocked by a user if it says “Sorry, this page isn’t available” on Instagram. When someone blocks you on Instagram, you cannot view their page. You won’t even be able to see their profile picture.

If you search an account that blocked you, a message will appear that says “Sorry, this page isn’t available”. You won’t be able to pull up old direct messages in the chat feature either. The best way to tell that you were blocked is to search the user on another Instagram account.

If you can find the user’s page on other accounts, then that’s a sign they blocked your primary account. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it.

They Deactivated or Deleted Their Account

You cannot pull up an account on Instagram if it has been deactivated or deleted. Deactivating an Instagram account isn’t the same as deleting an account. When you deactivate an account, it won’t appear when you search it. However, the user can reactivate their account and it will appear again.

Once a user deletes their account, however, it is gone forever. Search the account in question for several devices or your friend’s account. If the account doesn’t appear when you search it on alternate accounts, that’s a sign that it has been deactivated or deleted.

The User is Shadowbanned

While you can get permanently banned from Instagram, that’s not always the case. In many cases, Instagram “shadow bans” users and restricts their accounts for a week. If that is the case, then you may simply need to wait a week and see if the account appears when you search it.

The Link is Bad

Did someone send you an Instagram profile via a link and you weren’t able to see the page? If the link is bad, you will get a message that says “Sorry, this page isn’t available”. This can happen if the sender even messes up a single letter or number in the link.

Ask your friend to send the link again. This time, request that they copy and paste the link as is so there will be no mistake. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the profile.

You Violated Community Guidelines

While you can’t view the profile of someone who is shadowbanned, you also can’t check other profiles if you are shadowbanned. Shadow-banning is a confusing topic because Instagram doesn’t speak about it publicly. However, you can get shadow-banned for violating community guidelines or any suspicious activity that Instagram deems unsuitable.

For example, Instagram can shadow-ban a user if they like too many posts or follow too many users in one day. You may still be able to browse Instagram, but you can’t pull up many profiles or share posts in some cases if you are shadow-banned.

You Reached the Daily Follower Limit

Instagram has a daily follower limit. You can only follow 200 users per day on Instagram. This rule is likely in place to discourage bot activity as some people use bots to maximize their following on the platform.

Wait 24 hours before you try to follow anyone else if you keep seeing “Sorry, this page isn’t available”. Instagram also only lets you follow 7,500 total users. If you reach this limit, you won’t be able to follow anyone else, and their profiles may not even appear when you search them.

The App’s Cache is Full

Instagram encounters countless errors and performance issues when the cache is full. A full cache with corrupted data slows down Instagram’s performance and can sometimes stop it from working. This is especially true if you use third-party apps that you connect to Instagram.

Not only does Instagram discourage the use of third-party apps, but you can get banned for using them in some cases. Luckily, all you must do to clear the cache is delete the app. Simply delete the app, restart your phone, and reinstall the app. Search the profile again and it should appear unless something else is wrong.

Instagram Server Outage

When Instagram’s servers are down, you can experience a wide variety of problems with the app. This includes everything from story crashes to not being able to pull up profiles. Luckily, Instagram typically resolves server outages within 24 hours.

That’s not always the case, however, so it’s worthwhile to check online to see when the server comes back online. Websites like display information about server outages and provide updates for when they come back.

The App Needs an Update

“Sorry, this page isn’t available” can even appear if you use an outdated version of Instagram. Clear space on your device to make room for an update and it should install automatically. Search for the account again after you install the update, and you should be able to find it.

You Need to Use Another Device

In some cases, you may simply need to use another device to search for an account. If you can find the profile on another account without any error message, then it indicates something is wrong with the device you initially used. You may need to update your phone or even replace it if you continue to experience problems that you don’t encounter on other devices.

Can You See a Private Account on Instagram?

You cannot view a private account on Instagram unless they accept your follow request. However, you can see their profile picture when you search for them on Instagram even if they have a private account. Their posts and stories won’t be available, and you won’t be able to send them direct messages until they accept your follow request.

So, Why Does it Say “Sorry, This Page Isn’t Available on Instagram”?

“Sorry, this page isn’t available” appears on Instagram when a user deletes or deactivates their account. This can also appear if the user banned you or if you banned them. Otherwise, this can occur if Instagram’s servers are down, your app’s cache is corrupted, or if it simply needs an update.