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Military shooters in which you can play as a US Army soldier

It’s no secret that the bulk of developments in the gaming industry are financed from the United States, and it is natural that at the level of cinema and Hollywood in many types of content you will play as a US Army soldier, which is what most games are dedicated to.

There is nothing wrong with this, because the United States has the most powerful army in the world, and it is quite interesting to simulate military conflicts and how they could potentially develop if they happened.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

The project from the Activision company was one of the first to begin the transition from the global conflicts of the Second World War and the demonstration of real operations of the Allies and the USSR against Nazi and Japanese troops in favor of new, potential conflicts that could begin in the world using modern weapons and means, as well as new potential theaters of war.

At the moment, there have already been 6 games about military operations with the participation of the US Army, and you can play the most current one now to get mw3 boosting, but in order to better understand the entire history of the projects and know the value of each character, it is better to go through each of them, starting from the first part of Modern Warfare, which came out back in 2004.

The conflict begins to gain momentum after a group of terrorists from Russia and the Far East stage a series of terrorist attacks and even stage a coup with the seizure of nuclear weapons, which forces major countries to respond and send special forces from the US and British armies, as well as regular Ranger units to resolve the conflict.

The player will represent different characters as part of tasks that will vary from secret special forces operations to full-fledged assault operations of large forces.

The uniqueness during the passage and boosting of Modern Warfare also lies in a certain unique visual experience, or rather recreated scenes that should convey to the player the approximate emotions of a person who finds himself in the epicenter of such an event – for example, a nuclear bomb explosion, or a terrorist attack in a large public place. By the way, this is one of the few missions that has been completely banned in many countries for ethical reasons, and now each player chooses for himself whether it is worth going through such content.

The end of the first part will only destroy the main antagonist, but will not put an end to the entire crisis and will transfer the conflict to a new – global level.

Because another native of Russia is using the death of your enemy as a reason to unite the people and carry out a terrorist attack at the airport under the guise of US intelligence services and launch an operation to invade state territory.

You will play as a soldier from the Ranger battalion and take the first battles on the territory of your homeland to fight for the capital of the United States – Washington and knock out enemies from New York and the entire continent as a whole.

The conflict will give you a lot of emotions with shelling, constant battles of large forces and tasks of knocking out enemies from key defense points in order to free up the hands of other military units and systematically force enemies to retreat from US territory to Europe and fully transfer the entire battle front there.

You will be tasked with liberating Paris and Berlin, fighting in the London subway and destroying a group that planned many terrorist attacks and used chemical weapons in Paris.

In each part and series of Call of Duty, the developers traditionally give the player the opportunity to play the role of a tank driver and attack enemies not only as an infantryman, but also have fun hiding behind thick armor – this does not mean that you need to relax – there are a lot of grenade launchers around, but the fact that the gameplay and boosting MW3 will be more dynamic and interesting – there is no doubt. You will have a full-fledged armor-piercing cannon and a coaxial machine gun in your hands, which means that you will be able to attack infantry, tanks and even destroy buildings if necessary. But be careful – you may be vulnerable to the actions of grenade launchers who can easily hide on the streets – keep your distance and cover the infantry, and they will cover you.


One of the best military simulators in the entire history of the gaming industry, which allows you to fully experience the full range of modern military operations with all realism and difficulty.

This will not be a quick action game, but a systematic landing and clearing of the area, taking into account the ballistics of each cartridge, a realistic wound system, and fatigue. You will not be able to jump, only seek cover, roll and use the terrain to cover the entire operation.

According to the plot, you will be a US Army soldier in a limited contingent on a separate island with a peacekeeping mission – preventing military clashes between the national army and the militia. The situation will be constantly tense, as you will hear and see for yourself in the dialogues and tasks that are set before you. The conflict will quickly escalate into full-fledged battles and attacks on US bases, and you will have to switch to guerrilla actions, at least until the main forces arrive to help you.

Always remember that in such a game you can easily die from one well-aimed bullet, or from a wound that is not bandaged in time.

This is a tactical military shooter that emphasizes the actions of squads as a whole with a system of tasks and orders, formation techniques and a system of command and subordination with the transition of the role of commander in the event of the death of the leader.

You will conduct both covert operations and large-scale counter-offensives and missions to destroy the enemy command. Sometimes the enemy will have a technical advantage, and sometimes you will operate under the cover of helicopters and tanks.

The main thing is to quickly get used to the peculiarities of shooting – hand trembling, the aiming and fire stabilization system, three types of shooting that can be fired – single, against enemies at a long distance, in bursts, or three rounds each – to hit a close-standing target and enemies at medium distance and automatic fire, which will help you destroy one or more enemies if they or you take each other by surprise and there is no time for aiming and saving ammunition.