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Instagram Says I Have Messages But I Don’t: 10 Best Fixes

If you’re anything like most people, you probably head to your inbox when you get a direct message notification on Instagram. However, this can be confusing if you see the notification but there are no new messages. So, why does Instagram say I have messages but I don’t, and how do I fix it?

Refresh the chat page on Instagram if it says you have messages but you don’t. Restart the app to see if the notification goes away, and scroll through your messages to make sure you didn’t miss one. Reinstall the app or offload it to clear the corrupted cache if you continue to see inaccurate notifications on Instagram.

In some cases, you must simply wait for Instagram to fix the glitch. Shake your phone with the app open to report the problem to Instagram. Follow along as we explore what to do when Instagram says you have messages but you don’t.

How Do I Get Rid of the Message Notification When There are No Messages on Instagram?

Refresh Your Messages

If Instagram says you have messages but you don’t, then you must simply refresh the message page. Open the app and tap the message icon in the upper right corner of the screen to find your messages. Swipe down from the top of the screen with your finger to refresh the page.

On a PC, you can refresh the page if you click the refresh arrow by the back and forward icon on your web browser.

Scroll Through Your Messages

In some cases, you may have simply missed a message because you have too many chat threads going. If you see a message notification but cannot find any direct messages, simply scroll through the messages. Look through each of the messages and check to see if you missed a reaction from a friend.

It’s easier to miss a reaction than a new message itself. You can also miss messages if you send the user messages or posts after they have sent you a message.

Close the App

Sometimes, it can take Instagram a few minutes to catch up to notifications, messages, and your activity. However, you can speed the process up if you simply close the app and reopen it. The app should catch up and clear any notifications about messages you have already opened.

Force Stop Instagram (Android Users)

Android users can “force stop” Instagram if the app says they have messages but don’t. This feature stops all activity with a particular app. It’s quite useful if you have kept Instagram running in the background all day and are experiencing glitches.

Open the settings menu on your Android and scroll to find Instagram. Tap on Instagram and select the option that says “Force Stop”. Wait a moment, reopen Instagram, and see if the notification still appears.

Offload Instagram

If you have an iPhone, you can use the offload feature to remove excess data from Instagram. This can help solve glitches and bugs such as notifications that won’t disappear. First, open your phone’s settings, tap “General”, and select “Storage”.

Now, you will see a list of the apps on your iPhone. Select Instagram, scroll down, and tap “Offload App”. This will clear the app’s cache and your message notifications should appear correctly.

Reinstall the App

Another way to clear the cache on Instagram is to simply delete and reinstall the app. A corrupted cache can stop you from getting messages, and it can also say you have messages when you don’t really. Delete the app, wait a few minutes, restart your phone, and reinstall the app. Sign back in, and your messages should be up to date.

Update Instagram

If your notifications don’t go away after you interact with messages on Instagram, it could be a sign that the app is outdated. Luckily, updates install automatically unless you have no storage space on your computer, tablet, or phone. Delete pictures, apps, and old messages to make space for the new update if your device is full.

Restart Your Phone

As simple as it sounds, you may need to restart your phone if notifications linger on Instagram. This is especially true if you haven’t restarted your phone in over a week. Make sure to restart your phone weekly so Instagram and your other apps will perform optimally.

Log Back In

Instagram needs to authenticate your account every once in a while. They first authenticate your account when you initially sign in on a device and after you create your account. However, you can automatically reauthenticate your account each time you log out and sign back in on Instagram.

Check your notifications and direct messages after you log back in to see if the problem is resolved.

Report the Problem to Instagram

If nothing else works, you must report the problem to Instagram. Android and iPhone users can report a problem by shaking their phones when the app is open. You can also report the problem online in a web browser from your phone or a PC.

Why Aren’t All My Messages Showing Up on Instagram?

If all your messages aren’t showing up on Instagram, you may have accidentally deleted some of them. Messages also won’t appear if you block the person you chatted with or if they block you. Your messages will also disappear if they were sent through vanish mode.

Vanish mode lets users exchange temporary messages that go away as soon as they leave the chat or close the app. It’s also a sign that the user may have deleted or deactivated their account if your old direct messages no longer appear.

So, Why Does Instagram Say I Have Messages But I Don’t?

If Instagram says you have messages but you don’t, you must refresh the messages page or close the app. You also may need to offload the app, update it, reinstall it, or simply restart your phone if notifications won’t disappear. Scroll through your messages to make sure you didn’t miss one and report the problem to Instagram if it persists.