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Instagram Not Sending SMS Code? (Here’s Why & What to Do!)

Instagram goes to great lengths to protect users and help them with account recovery. While the two-factor authentication system is quite impressive, it doesn’t always work as intended.

So, why is Instagram not sending an SMS code?

The main reason for Instagram not sending an SMS code is that you entered the wrong number. You also won’t get a code if your phone number is associated with an old account that was banned. Check to make sure your phone isn’t on “do not disturb” mode, and disable it if so, or else you won’t get the SMS code.

Instagram severs errors and problems with your cellular carrier can also prevent you from receiving SMS codes. Follow along as we explore why Instagram isn’t sending an SMS code and see what you can do to fix it.

Why Am I Not Getting the 6 Digit Code From Instagram Text?

Your Number Has Changed

If you got a new phone and changed your number, Instagram won’t be able to send you an SMS code. Make sure to update your two-factor authentication settings on Instagram if you change your phone number.

Simply tap the profile icon on the app, select “Privacy and Security”, and find “Two Factor Authentication”.

From there, you can update the phone number you want to use for authentication.

Do Not Disturb Mode

You will still receive an SMS code from Instagram when your phone is on “do not disturb” mode, but you won’t be able to see it as easily. This mode hides notifications from you, and it’s easy to accidentally turn “do not disturb” mode on. You can disable this mode on an iPhone if you swipe down on the lock screen from the right corner.

Next, you must tap the icon that says “Focus”. Select “Do Not Disturb” to turn this feature on and off. You can tell that this mode is on if you see a crescent moon symbol by the time stamp on your phone screen.

Your Old Account Was Banned

If you use a phone number that is associated with a previously banned account, you won’t be able to use it for two-factor authentication.

Even if you sign up for the account with a different email but use a number from a banned account for authentication, you won’t receive an SMS code. Instagram will most likely flag this number as unavailable when you sign up for the account, but that’s not guaranteed.

You may not find out until it’s too late and you need to use a sign-in code. Instagram purposely tries to stop banned users from setting up new accounts, especially if they violate community guidelines. You also may not be able to get an SMS code from Instagram if your IP address is blocked.

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The Carrier is Overloaded

Cellular service carriers serve millions of people each day. Because of that, their servers and towers can get overloaded, and this can delay how quickly you receive texts. In that case, you must simply wait until your carrier can deliver the SMS code to you.

You Entered the Wrong Number

It’s easy to accidentally enter the wrong number for two-factor authentication on Instagram. While this is a common error, Instagram simply cannot fill in the blanks and guess your phone number. Double-check your phone number when you set up two-factor authentication to make sure it is correct. Luckily, you can always edit your backup phone number through Instagram on this page.

Instagram Server is Down

Instagram relies on a wide network of servers to cater to the over 2.35 billion people who use the app. Understandably, Instagram experiences server errors just like any app, cellular carrier, or large business. Visit if you suspect an Instagram server outage.  

Your Phone Needs to be Restarted

Countless people leave their phones on turning them off or restarting them. While most people want to have their phone ready at all times, you must restart it every once in a while to give it the break it needs.

Ideally, you should restart your phone at least once per week to give it a rest. This is especially useful if you receive texts late or experience errors with apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

You Used a VPN

If you use a VPN to alter your location, Instagram may restrict your access or delete your account. Instagram uses technology to monitor accounts for VPNs and proxy servers. Stop using a proxy server or VPN right away if you can’t receive SMS codes or if Instagram restricts your account.

How Long Does It Take Instagram to Send a Password Reset Email?

Instagram typically sends password reset emails within minutes. However, it can take 1-3 days for Instagram to send a password reset email. The delay can occur if they suspect fraud or unusual activity from your account.  

So, Why Haven’t I Gotten an SMS Code From Instagram?

If Instagram isn’t sending you an SMS code, check to make sure you entered the right number in your two-factor authentication settings.

The SMS code won’t come through if you use a phone number that is associated with a banned account. Restart your phone or update your recovery phone number to ensure you receive SMS codes when you need them.