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Instagram Links Not Working (10 Ways To Solve It Quickly!)

Instagram links make it easy for users to improve engagement and entertainment for their followers. While they typically work well, it can be quite frustrating when you click on links and nothing happens. So, what should you do when Instagram links are not working?

Delete the app and reinstall it to clear the cache if Instagram links are not working. Update the app or clear space on your phone so an update will automatically install if links still don’t work. Connect to Wi-Fi or use cellular data if you have a weak connection or else you won’t be able to open Instagram links.

Search the link on a web browser to see if the web page is still up. In some cases, Instagram will restrict you from opening links if they suspect that it contains malware or fraudulent activity. Follow along as we explore why Instagram links are not working and see what you can do to fix the problem.

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Why Does My Instagram Link Say Page Not Found?

The User is Banned

You cannot open Instagram links from a banned user. Banned users typically don’t appear on the app, but you may still see their profile if they just got banned and you haven’t closed the app since then. You can tell this is the case if you close the app, open it again, search for the profile, and fail to find it.

Profile Blocked You

When a profile blocks you, you may still be able to see them if it just happened. However, you won’t be able to open links on their account or interact with their posts. Once you close the app and reopen it, you will be officially blocked and won’t be able to find or interact with the profile.

The Link Violates Community Guidelines

Instagram monitors links that users post to their stories and profiles. They check to make sure that links don’t contain malware or lead users to websites that go against the Instagram community guidelines. You won’t be able to open links to websites that contain inappropriate imagery that isn’t allowed on Instagram.

Links to websites that feature or promote criminal activity won’t work either. Refer to the Instagram community guidelines before you post or open links that go against what is traditionally allowed on the app.

Weak Internet Connection

If Instagram links are not working, it could be because you have a weak Internet connection. You can that this is the case if the app is lagging and you cannot open direct messages and stories. Connect to a Wi-Fi network or use cellular data and see if the links start working again. If not, then you must keep troubleshooting.

Cache is Corrupted

No app can run properly when the cache is bloated and corrupted with data. This can hold back an app’s performance and restrict which features you can use. If your Instagram cache is corrupted, you may not be able to open links and use key features such as stories, notes, and even watch reels.

The best way to clear an Instagram cache is to simply delete the app. Once you delete the app, all of the associated data will be gone. Reinstall the app, log back into your account, and try to open links to see if they work.

The Page Was Taken Down

Instagram links won’t work if the webpage is taken down. The link will still appear on the app, but it will lead nowhere. Search for the link online. If you cannot open the web page, you can tell that the page was simply taken down and there is nothing you can do about it.

Suspicious Link

Instagram uses an advanced algorithm to monitor all activity on the site and app. They especially monitor external links that take users off the app. Instagram scans external links to check for malware and fraudulent activity to protect its users.

Avoid searching the link online if Instagram removes a suspicious link. It’s typically for a good reason and there’s a good chance that the link leads to a site that contains malware.

Link is Broken

It’s not possible to open a broken link. It’s easy to accidentally leave a letter or number out of a URL when you post it on Instagram. However, doing so will make it impossible for other users to open the link and visit the site.

The best way to avoid this is to copy and paste links as they are when you post them to Instagram. Otherwise, nobody will be able to open the link.

Servers are Down

Instagram and Facebook use many of the same servers, and they are quite impressive. However, they aren’t perfect and they can go down. If Instagram servers are down, you will experience app crashes and may not be able to open links that other users post on their profiles.

It typically only takes 1-2 days for Instagram to fix their servers. Server outages typically only affect specific regions, but they can affect all Instagram users in some cases. Check out to find out if Instagram’s servers are down and get updates about when they go back up.

Your Account is Restricted

Instagram can restrict a user’s account without banning them. This “soft ban” or “shadow ban” can occur if you violate community guidelines or are under investigation. Use a friend’s account or backup account to see if you can open links on Instagram.

If you can open the links from another account, this is a sign that Instagram restricted your account. Contact Instagram’s support team to see if they can help restore your access to your Instagram account.

The App Needs to be Updated

Check to see if there is an update available links aren’t working on Instagram. Download the update if one is available. They should install automatically, but updates won’t work if you don’t have any free space on your phone.

Open your phone’s settings, select “Storage”, and look through the apps, pictures, and videos that take up the most space. Delete as much as you can to make room for the update, and it should install right away or within minutes.

How Do I Enable Links on Instagram?

You can add links to your Instagram bio on your profile page. Open the profile page and select “Edit Profile”. Look for the option that says “Website” right above “Bio”.

Copy the URL that you want to put on your profile and paste it on your profile. You can also share links on Instagram stories. First, you must create a draft for an Instagram story. Next, simply click on the “Link” icon at the bottom and paste the link you want to include.

So, Why Aren’t Instagram Links Working?

The main reason why Instagram links are not working is that the link is broken and missing information. Links also won’t appear if you have a weak Wi-Fi connection or if the webpage was taken down. Update the Instagram app or reinstall it to clear the cache if you still cannot open links on stories or other users’ profiles.