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Instagram Chat Dissapeared But Not Blocked (6 Reasons Why)

Instagram chats are more fun and reliable than sending text messages in many ways. That is, until you go to check your Instagram chat only to find that disappeared. So, what does it mean if my Instagram chat disappeared but I’m not blocked?

If you’re not blocked but your Instagram chat disappeared, it may indicate the other user deleted their account. A chat will also disappear on Instagram if it was sent through vanish mode where messages disappear after you leave the chat or close the app. Server outages, outdated software, and temporary account bans can also make your Instagram chat disappear.

In some cases, your chat will appear when you’re not blocked if there are widespread glitches that affect many Instagram users. You must wait until they fix the problem in this case, unfortunately. Follow along as we explore why your Instagram chat disappeared when you aren’t blocked.

Why Can’t I See My Previous Messages on Instagram?

The Other User Deleted Their Account

A user doesn’t have to block you to stop you from seeing old messages. If the other user deleted their account, you won’t be able to see your old Instagram chat conversations. You can tell this is the case if you search them on Instagram from another account and they still don’t show up.

A message will typically appear that says “Sorry, this page isn’t available”. In that case, you can’t access old conversations or posts made from that account.

Your Account is Temporarily Banned

If your account is temporarily banned, you will lose access to most if not all of Instagram’s features. Soft bans, or “shadow bans” typically restrict access to some features, such as liking and sharing posts. This can also affect your ability to send direct messages and access past conversations.

A message typically appears on the screen when you log in that tells you your account is suspended. However, you may not receive a message if you are “soft-banned” on Instagram. This has confused many Redditors and Instagram users, but Instagram can restrict any account due to community violations.

The Sender Unsent The Messages

The “unsend” feature on Instagram lets users remove messages they regret sending. While this is useful, it can be confusing if you open an old chat and the messages are gone. You will still be able to send the messages you sent if you aren’t blocked, however.

To confirm this, simply send them another message on the chat and wait for a response.

Instagram Server Outage

If your Instagram chat disappeared but you are not blocked, it could be because of a problem on Instagram’s end. Server outages are among the most common technical problems that affect Instagram users. You can use online trackers to find updates about server outages to find out when they go back up.

The App is Outdated

Many features, such as chat, notes, and stories, don’t work well when the app is updated. Make sure to keep enough space on your phone for Instagram updates so they can download automatically. However, you may not be eligible for some modern Instagram updates if your phone is too old.

Replace your phone if you experience poor performance on apps like Instagram and Facebook. It simply may not be able to keep up with the app’s demands and updates as they are released.

They Were Sent Through Vanish Mode

You may be one of the countless Instagram users who were confused when Instagram first unveiled vanish mode. Vanish mode lets you send messages in a separate window from the standard chat page. These messages only stay in chat for as long as you keep the vanish mode open.

You won’t be able to access the vanish mode chat once you leave the mode or close the app. If you want to revisit a chat, make sure to send it through the traditional direct message system.

How to Fix the Problem

Report the Bug to Instagram

Instagram values the input of its users, and they make it easy to report glitches and bugs. The easiest way to report a bug is to shake your phone while you have Instagram open. A message will appear that prompts you to report and explain the problem.

Instagram users on PCs can simply visit the technical problem page for assistance. They may not resolve the problem right away, but reporting the problem can help ensure that it won’t happen again.

Unfollow and Refollow Them

If you’re like many Instagram users you know that there are many random fixes to performance issues. For example, some Redditors discovered that you can simply unfollow and refollow a user to get your chat back if it disappears but you’re not blocked. Your messages should appear right away in this case, and it’s a common Instagram technical error.

However, you will have to wait for the user to follow you back if they have a private Instagram account.

Wait on Instagram

Instagram has a fast response time to glitches and bugs, especially when they affect many users. However, they aren’t perfect, and you may have to wait 1-2 days before they fix the bug. You can take solace in knowing that the bug likely affects thousands or even millions of Instagram users.

Report the bug to Instagram and simply wait for it to be fixed. In some cases, you may have to wait for the next Instagram update.

Reinstall the App

You can fix countless problems on Instagram if you simply delete the app. Like any app, Instagram’s cache can eventually get corrupted if you have used it for years on the same phone. Instagram doesn’t currently let you manually clear the cache, so you must delete the app.

Simply delete the app, reinstall it, and sign back in. If the chat still doesn’t appear but you aren’t blocked, you must keep troubleshooting.

Restart Your Phone

Restarting your phone is one of the easiest ways to boost its performance. This includes everything from memory problems and load times to glitches on apps like Instagram. Restart your phone once per week to fix simple problems such as Instagram story crashes and chats disappearing.

This can also trigger an update to install in some cases, and that’s another effective way to fix chats disappearing on Instagram.

Do Instagram Messages Delete on Both Sides?

Instagram messages don’t delete on both sides when you delete a chat. If you delete a chat, you won’t be able to see it, but the other user can see them unless you block them. However, you can delete messages on both sides if you unsend them.

This will only delete the messages that you sent from your end. The responses, posts, and reels the other user sent will still appear on the chat when you unsend a message. You can only delete an Instagram chat on both sides if you block the user.

So, Why Did My Instagram Messages Disappear When I’m Not Blocked?

Your Instagram chat can still disappear when you’re not blocked if the other user deleted their account. This can also happen if an Instagram server is down, the app is outdated, or if your account is temporarily banned. Otherwise, it may be a sign that your app’s cache is corrupted or that you need to restart your phone.