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How to Find Someone on X (Formerly Twitter)

If you have recently set up an account on X, you might want to find friends, family members, or coworkers to connect with. Or you could be looking for a celebrity or other popular influencer to follow. Sometimes, you may simply need to uncover someone’s profile to learn more information about them.

Whatever your reasons, finding a specific individual on X is easier when you follow the techniques we have listed in this article.

How to Find Someone on X

With 556 million users engaging on X each month, looking for someone on its uber-popular platform may seem like finding a needle in a haystack. However, there are several proven methods you can apply to swiftly discover people on this networking site.

Below, we have described six hassle-free ways to find someone’s profile using X and other information sources.

Let’s get started.

1. Use the X Search Bar

When looking for someone, a quick search on X can often help discover information on the site.

  • Open the X app and log into your account.
  • You will see the search icon in the form of a magnifying glass at the bottom, next to the Home icon. When you click on it, the search bar will appear on top of your screen.
  • If you know the relevant person’s handle, enter it starting with the @ symbol. You can also search by name. However, you will need a first and last name to narrow the search.

Once you click Search, the platform will list results under five categories – Top results, Latest, People, Media, and Lists.

First, check the profiles listed under the People section. However, if you have searched for a common name, be prepared to browse through a long list of handles.

There is also a chance that the relevant person has used their name in a format different from what you have typed. Therefore, it is worthwhile to search using initials, middle names, nicknames, and maiden names, too.

Sections such as Latest and Media will show general content that matches your search query. If someone else has mentioned the relevant person anywhere in X, these sections could help you discover those posts.

Keep in mind that, sometimes, people display their contact information on their profiles and posts for business purposes, to promote products and services, or to connect with others off the platform.

In those instances, it is possible to find them with a contact information search. Therefore, if you have the relevant individual’s phone number or email, you can try using them, too, to search X.

2. Browse Suggested Contacts

Similar to other top social media networks, X provides suggestions on those you can follow to expand your network. These are invaluable for discovering people on the platform.

To find suggested profiles,

  • Go to your profile page and click on “Following”, which appears under your profile information. This takes you to a list of all the people you are currently following.
  • Click the icon in the top right corner of the screen, which will direct you to a page with a list of profiles suggested for you.

X also displays who to follow on your profile page and several other places within your account.

The platform sends regular emails, too, to inform users about people to follow. To subscribe to these emails,

  • Go to the Notification options under your profile settings.
  • Click “Email notifications”.
  • Activate “Suggestions for recommended accounts”.

But how does the platform make personalized recommendations? Its algorithms rely on several criteria for this, including your location, posts, likes, interactions, and people you already follow. They could also suggest profiles based on promoted accounts and your interactions on third-party sites connected to X when you have provided consent to track your activities on them.

In addition, when your name appears in an address book someone else has uploaded, the platform will suggest that person for you to follow.

3. Sync Your Address Book

If you already have the email address or contact number of the person you are searching for, you can sync your address book with X to quickly find them on the platform.

To do that,

  • Click on “Privacy and safety” under Settings.
  • Select “Discoverability and contacts”.
  • Enable the “Sync address book contacts” option to start uploading your contacts to X.

This will help the platform identify and display the people with an X account. If you see the name of the person you want to find, click on their profile to check their information.

4. Search Google

Search engines are important tools for discovering people information. Google, in particular, has powerful search capabilities that can uncover profiles in a fraction of a second.

To find an X account, type the first and last name or username followed by “X” or “Twitter”. This will pull up profiles and content on the platform related to your search query.

If you want to refine the results further, add any other information you know about the relevant person. For instance, you can enter a name of a college, workplace, city, or similar detail that could help narrow down the search.

5. Use a People Search Website

If you know a full name, contact number, or residential address, a people search website can be a convenient option to find a profile on a networking platform.

Remember, browsing through long lists of search results on X and Google can be fairly time-consuming. A search on a people search engine can eliminate all this hassle and uncover the social media links you require on a single dashboard.

Nuwber, for example, is an excellent platform to find someone’s X profile using a full name, number, or address search.

To Sum Up

When you need to find someone on X, there are several techniques you can adopt to discover profiles, posts, and other information. The platform provides three primary ways to search for people on its network—a search bar, algorithm-based profile recommendations, and an address book syncing option.

You can also find people profiles on X using Google or a people search engine. The latter is available as free and paid solutions and can help cut down your search efforts to speed up the process.