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How To Easily Find Someone on Instagram by Picture (5 Ways)

It can be frustrating when you have a picture of someone that you share mutual friends with but don’t have a name to match it. Luckily, modern technology has made it easier than ever to put a face to the name. Many people understandably struggle with how to easily find someone on Instagram by picture.

You can find someone on Instagram by picture with search engines like Social Catfish, PimEyes, and Berify. Other search engines like Yandex and TinEye let you upload pictures and search them to find out if they have an Instagram account. Google and Microsoft Bing also make it easy to find someone on Instagram if all you have to off is a picture.

If you come across their picture in a post your friend made on Instagram, check to see if they are tagged. Otherwise, you can simply ask your mutual friend what their name is and connect with them that way. Follow along as we explore how to easily find someone on Instagram by picture.

How to Find Someone on Instagram by Picture

DupliChecker’s Image Search

Duplichecker is another platform that offers the most reliable image search tool capable of fetching visually similar results from various search engines in one go. This web-based tool can fetch results from TinEye, Yandex, Google, and Bing and display them in one place for users’ ease. 
To find similar photos using this image search tool, simply upload the photo and click on the “search similar images” button to fetch its details in a few seconds. Moreover, this platform also supports the drag & drop option and copy-paste screenshot option to help you perform the image search straightaway.


TinEye is one of the best services that lets you reverse search images online. This website makes it easy to simply paste and search an image to see where it comes up online. If the person in the picture has an Instagram account, you will likely find them with TinEye.

It’s especially easy to search for an image on TinEye on your computer because you can drag the image into the search bar. You can also reverse search pictures on TinEye from your phone by uploading them.


Yandex is yet another website that makes it easy to find someone on Instagram by their picture. This lesser-known search engine is most notable for its revere image capabilities. To reverse search an image, right-click on the screen, click “Translate to English”, and click the camera.

Click on “Select a File” and choose the image of the person you want to search. Once you upload the image, Yandex will search online for images that match. If they have an Instagram account, it should come up in your Yandex search.


Berify lets you reverse-search pictures and videos which is more comprehensive than many search engines. Simply paste or upload the picture and click “Search” to find the person you are looking for. Berify cross-references other search engines, like Bing and Google to find results as quickly as possible.


Pimeyes makes use of reverse search capabilities and facial recognition technology to easily identify people. It’s one of the easiest reverse search engines to use because you simply click the search bar and click “Upload a Photo”. Upload the photo and wait for the results to come up. If they have an Instagram account, you should be able to find it.

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is unique because it specifically focuses on online dating. Many people use Social Catfish to verify the identity of people they come across on dating apps. That is because many people sadly post misleading pictures on their dating app profiles, and Social Catfish is a great way to verify it’s real.

You can search names, usernames, addresses, phone numbers, and pictures on Social Catfish. It’s easiest to use Social Catfish on a computer. Simply click the search bar and wait for the document attachment window to pop up.

Attach the picture of the person you want to find and click “Search”.

Reverse Google Image Search

You can’t talk about reverse-searching images without bringing up Google. It’s quite easy to search an image on Google. Visit Google, click on “Images”, and select “Search by Image”.  

You can upload an image to Google on your phone or PC. On a PC, you can drag the image into the search bar. However, you must simply tap “Upload” and select the picture from your camera roll or iCloud drive.

Microsoft Bing Visual Search

Bing visual search works the same way as Google. Simply visit Bing, tap “Images”, and select “Search Using an Image”. From there, all you must do is select the picture of the person you want to search for and upload it.

Check for Tags

Did you find this person in a picture that someone else posted on Instagram? If so, tap the picture to see if anyone is tagged in it. This is the easiest way to find someone, but if they aren’t tagged in the picture, you will have to use a search engine to reverse-search for them.

So, How Do You Find Someone on Instagram by Their Picture?

The best way to find someone on Instagram by their picture is to use TinEye, Yandex, Berify, and PimEyes. You can also reverse-search images on Google and Microsoft Bing to see if they have an Instagram account.

Otherwise, you can use Social Catfish to find someone if you have a picture and want to know if they’re on Instagram.