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How To Block Someone From Seeing You On Hinge (EASILY!)

Hinge is one of the most popular dating apps because it makes it easy to find people who meet your preferences and tastes in partners. However, that doesn’t mean that it will be love at first swipe with everyone you come across. Whether it be Redditors or your other single friends, it’s common to struggle with how to block someone from seeing you on Hinge.

You can block someone from seeing you on Hinge if you tap the three dots by their profile name and select “remove”. Hinge will ask you why you blocked them, and you can either explain why or select the “no reason” prompt. The person you blocked won’t know that you blocked them and you two won’t see each other’s profiles again.

Sadly, you cannot block contacts, such as your ex-partner on Hinge, but that is possible with Tinder. However, you can help ensure you won’t run into your ex if you adjust your preferences and “dealbreakers” to narrow the pool so you two don’t match. Follow along as we explore how to block someone from seeing you on Hinge.

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Does Hinge Show Your Profile to Everyone?

Hinge doesn’t show your profile to everyone who is registered with the app. Your profile will only appear to people who meet your criteria and match your preferences within a 10 to 50-mile radius of you. People who don’t share the same preferences or are outside of your distance range cannot see your Hinge profile.

Can You Control Who Sees You on Hinge?

You cannot directly control who sees you on Hinge unless you block them. However, you can easily narrow the pool of people who can see you on Hinge with your preferences and list of “dealbreakers”. The dealbreakers that you list on Hinge are arguably more important than preferences.

This includes everything from personality traits that you don’t like to habits that you don’t agree with. Use your dealbreakers to stop people from seeing your profile that you wouldn’t want to match with. It helps to save time and make sure you only match with people who share similar interests and lifestyle habits.

How To Block Someone on Hinge Before They See You

You can’t always ensure that you can block someone on Hinge before they see you because you can’t tell when someone has seen your profile. There isn’t currently any way to tell who has seen your profile or even read your messages after you’ve sent them on Hinge. However, you can block someone from seeing you on Hinge before it’s too late if you check your mutual connections list frequently.

The mutual connections list shows everyone in your area that meets your preferences. Look through the profiles on this list to sort through people that you don’t want to see your profile to narrow it down further. Find a profile that you want to restrict and tap on the three dots beside their name.

Simply select remove, and a prompt will appear that asks you your reason for blocking them. You can select “no reason”, or you can explain your reasoning for why you don’t want them to see your profile.

How to Block Someone I Matched With on Hinge

You may understandably want to block someone that you matched with on Hinge because you are incompatible. Luckily, it’s easy to do and it’s essentially the same process as blocking someone before they see you. Either click on their profile from your existing message thread or pull them up on your mutual connections page.

Tap the three dots and select remove to block them. You don’t have to explain why you blocked them, but it can help your future algorithm if you do.

Can Someone Tell That You Blocked Them on Hinge?

Nobody can tell if you block them on Hinge, and they won’t share your reason for blocking them. They simply won’t be able to see your profile on their mutual connections list when they scroll through it. Their profile won’t pop up on your app either.

Can You Block Phone Contacts on Hinge?

Unfortunately, you cannot block phone contacts on Hinge. You can only block individual accounts when you click on the three dots by their name and remove them from your list of mutual connections.

What Dating Apps Let You Block Contacts?

Tinder is currently the only dating app that lets you block your phone contacts. This is a new feature that they implanted after years of users requesting it. To block a contact on Tinder, simply go to your app and open the settings menu.

Scroll through the list of options and select “block contacts”. A prompt will appear that asks you if it’s okay for Tinder to access your phone’s contact list. Give the app permission and select the contacts that you don’t want to appear on Tinder when you swipe through it.

So, How Do You Block Someone From Seeing You on Hinge?

To block someone from seeing you on Hinge, simply click on their profile, tap the three dots by their name, and select “remove”. You won’t be able to see their profile and they won’t see yours. Hinge won’t notify them that you blocked them. Adjust your preferences and “dealbreakers” to alter the pool of people that appear on your mutual connections list.