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How Long Does TikTok Take to Respond? (Best Way To Get Unbanned)

TikTok took the world by storm in ways that many people believe surpassed the hype of Vine from many years ago. Over 1.6 billion users interact with endless posts each day, but many users experience problems and need to reach out to customer service. So, how long does TikTok take to respond?

It typically takes TikTok up to a week to respond to users about customer service requests. Banned accounts can email TikTok at to appeal the ban, and one Redditor got their account back in just 8 days. Avoid sending multiple emails and messages to TikTok support as this won’t make them respond faster.

TikTok may never respond to you if you inquire about a common technical glitch that affects all users. In that case, they will likely fix the problem and you will notice it’s better instead of them responding to everyone who is affected. Follow along as we explore how long it takes TikTok to respond.

What Is The Best Way to Reach TikTok Customer Service?

The best way to reach TikTok customer service is through the app. Go to your profile, tap the three dots, and select “settings and privacy”. Tap the “report a problem” option, and search for the topic that relates to your problem.

If you don’t find something that suits your problem, select “other”. You can type out a description of the problem you need help with and submit it to the customer service team. They are available each day from 8:00 AM to 5:0 PM PST.  

Watch This Video To Find Out The Best Way To Contact Customer Support

How Do I Contact TikTok If My Account Is Banned?

You can contact TikTok via email if your account is banned. TikTok has several email addresses that you can contact, but is the best option for a banned account. Make sure to politely word your email and make it concise so they understand what your problem is.

However, you may want to consider sending an email to their legal email address: This is a great option if you use TikTok to earn money as getting banned can affect your livelihood.

How Long Does It Take TikTok to Get Your Account Unbanned?

It can take anywhere from one day to one week or longer to get your TikTok account unbanned. TikTok staff creates a ticket when you reach out to them to appeal your account ban. From there, they will investigate your claim and determine whether your account qualifies to be reinstated.

It took this Redditor 8 days to get their account back, but it depends on the case. For example, Redditor had no violations. Contact TikTok right away when they ban your account so you can get it back quickly. 

How Long Does TikTok Take to Respond to an Email?

TikTok responds to emails within a week in most cases. However, it depends on the volume of emails they receive and what the problem is that you are trying to address. For example, they are unlikely to immediately respond to you about a technical problem due to a glitch that affects thousands of users or more.

In that case, they will simply fix the problem, such as common crashes, without responding to you. This can be annoying, but it’s a common practice for many big companies. They are more likely to respond to users about individual problems, such as videos being removed. It also helps if you have a popular account that you are active with.

How Do I Get TikTok Support to Respond?

The best way to get TikTok support to respond is to contact them through the proper avenue. They are unlikely to respond quickly if you send a ban question to instead of their feedback address. This will only slow down the process because they will simply respond and tell you to contact one of the other email addresses they use.

Avoid sending too many messages to TikTok support. This rarely speeds up the customer service process for any website.

How Long Does It Take TikTok to Respond to Verification?

It typically only takes a few days for TikTok to respond to a verification request. The verification request page on their website makes it easy to provide your account details and send a short message about why you want to get verified. You can also send attachments, such as screenshots of your account activity and reception to your videos to help support your case.

This creates a ticket, and the TikTok team should investigate your case within 24-28 hours. They will investigate factors such as how often you post, how many people interact with your posts, and how many followers you have. Be patient, however, as TikTok has over 1.6 billion users, so you may not hear back about verification for several weeks depending on the volume of emails they get.

So, When Will I Hear Back From TikTok?

You will likely hear back from TikTok within a week if you email them or send a customer service request through the website. It depends on the problem, which email address you send it to, and the volume of emails that week. They typically create a ticket within 24-48 hours and respond to TikTok users within a week unless it’s a common technical problem that affects many users.