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How Frequently Do Snap Scores Actually Update Accounts? (We Tested!)

Snapchat is a unique social media platform in that it encourages activity by giving users points. This adds a fun layer of depth to Snapchat that other platforms lack. So, how frequently do Snap scores actually update accounts?

Snapchat frequently updates Snap scores immediately, but sometimes it will take a few days to a week to appear on your profile. You can maximize the points that you earn if you send and open as many Snaps as possible. Each Snap that you send or open is worth one point, and you also receive points when people view or reply to your story.

Snapchat users cannot tell when you check their accounts to see their Snap scores. However, they will receive a notification if you screenshot their account page. Follow along as we explore how frequently Snap scores update on accounts and see what you can do to earn as many points as possible.

How Often Does Snapchat Update Scores?

Snapchat updates user scores each time that you send and receive Snaps. Sometimes, you may not be able to see the updated Snapchat score right away because of a delay with your app, Wi-Fi network, or cellular data strength. You should be able to see your account’s updated score if you close and reopen your app.

However, there is no guarantee that the updated score will appear right away. The score will update on Snapchat’s end, but users may not see the updated score for days or even a week. Don’t worry if your score doesn’t appear to update right away as the timeframe varies as far as when it appears to you. Contact Snapchat’s customer support team if your Snap score won’t update after a week.

How Do Snapchat Scores Work?

Snapchat scores increase based on your account’s activity. Each Snap that you send or receive is worth one Snapchat point. A new Snapchat account starts out with zero points.

You will immediately earn a point for each Snap that you send. Snapchat users also receive points when they open Snaps. You don’t have to reply to a Snap to earn a point, but you will earn another point if you reply to it.

It’s a common misconception that Snapchat messages increase your score. While they are a great way to communicate with friends, text messages through Snapchat have no impact on your score.

How To Increase Snap Score

The fastest way to increase your Snapchat score is to go on a streak with several other users. A streak occurs when you and another person continue to send each other Snaps for several days in a row. This is a great way to increase your Snapchat score and consistently earn points.

Your streak will end after you go a day without continuing to send each other Snaps. While opening a Snap gives you a point even if you don’t reply, you should reply if you want to keep earning points. Add as many Snapchat friends as possible to maximize how many unique Snaps you can send and receive to get an impressive score.

Avoid sending the same Snaps to people as they won’t increase your score. Instead, you should send unique Snaps to as many people as possible if you want to get a higher Snapchat score.

Watch This Video To Increase Your Score

Is Checking Someone’s Snap Score Accurate?

Checking someone’s Snapchat score is generally an accurate depiction of how often they communicate with others. However, it does not indicate how often they communicate with a specific person. A profile’s Snapchat score only displays their overall score.

Their profile displays their overall score for the lifetime account, but it is broad and includes all their friends. Many people, such as this Redditor, check Snapchat scores when they get into a new relationship or are interested in someone to see if they’re communicating with others.

Their score will naturally go up when you communicate with them regularly each day, and the daily score updates are mostly accurate, even if they don’t provide details.

Does Your Snap Story Affect Score?

Snapchat stories only affect your score if people interact view and interact with them. For example, you will receive one point when someone views your story. You will get another point each time that someone replies to your Snap story.

However, this only applies to public stories on public Snapchat profiles. You won’t receive any points if someone views or replies to private Snapchat stories, unfortunately. Whether it be you or this poster on Reddit, many Snapchat users have learned the hard way that private stories do not affect Snap scores.  

Snap stories can also indirectly help increase your Snapchat score in several ways. For example, the more that people engage in your stories, the more likely they are to send you messages. Stories are a huge part of social media engagement, and that applies to Snapchat scores as well.

Can You Tell When Someone Checks Your Snap Score?

Users on Snapchat cannot tell when you look at their profile to see their Snap score. However, they will be able to tell if you take a screenshot of their profile when you check their score. Much like with standard snaps, Snapchat will send the user a notification if you screenshot their profile that displays their score.

Can Your Snap Score Decrease?

Nothing can decrease your Snap score. However, your Snap score won’t increase if you don’t send or receive messages. Keep in touch with your friends on Snapchat and open Snaps when you receive them to increase your score, even if you don’t always reply.

So, When Will My Snap Score Go Up?

Snapchat will update your account when you send and open Snaps. It may take a day or even a week for your score to update on your profile so that others can see it, but it is immediate in many cases. You can maximize your Snapchat score if you get on a streak with friends and post stories that other accounts interact with.