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Does Deleting TikTok Delete Drafts? (and Ways to Recover Drafts)

Many TikTok users keep videos as drafts until they are ready to publish them. This is a great idea if you are unsure of the video or want to save it for later, but that doesn’t mean the draft is always safe. So, does deleting TikTok delete drafts?

Deleting TikTok deletes drafts because your draft is stored locally within your phone’s data. This data is deleted when you delete TikTok unless you save the draft to your camera roll. Another way to protect the draft is to publish it as a private video that only you can see so you won’t lose the video if you delete the app.

You can also use data recovery programs to recover deleted TikTok drafts in some cases if you use the app on your PC. Follow along as we explore everything you need to know about how deleting TikTok affects your drafts, and what you can do to protect them.

Do Drafts Get Deleted When You Delete TikTok?

Your drafts get deleted when you delete TikTok. Wait to delete the TikTok app until you have edited, posted, or shared your draft so you don’t lose it. Some apps store drafts within the app’s memory, but that isn’t the case with TikTok.

Instead, TikTok stores the drafts in your phone as data. That data goes away when you delete the app. TikTok videos that you have published will stay on your account even if you delete the app, however.

Do Drafts Delete When You Log Out of TikTok?

Your drafts won’t be deleted when you log out of TikTok if you keep the app installed on your phone. The drafts will stay on your phone as data until you publish them or delete the app. There is a lot of confusion about this in the TikTok community and you will find conflicting information.

However, several Redditors put it to the test and discovered that your drafts remain when you log out of TikTok.  

Can You Recover Deleted Drafts on TikTok?

You can recover deleted drafts on TikTok, but it takes some foresight. When you create a TikTok draft, make sure to select “save to album”. This will save your draft to your camera roll, so you have a backup copy of it.

Instead of the draft solely existing within the app’s data, it will be stored on your phone with all your other pictures and videos. That way, you can upload the draft to TikTok even if you get a new phone or uninstall the app and lose it. You can also use data recovery software to recover deleted drafts on TikTok.

However, this method only typically works if you create TikTok drafts on your PC. Simply install a data recovery program on your PC and search for TikTok data within your system’s folders. You should be able to find your deleted TikTok drafts unless you wipe the system’s memory clean.

How To Back Up TikTok Drafts

The best way to back up TikTok drafts is to post them as private videos. That way, nobody will be able to see the video, but it will be safer than if it was in your drafts folder. Even private TikTok videos that you upload will stay on your account when you delete the app, unlike drafts.

This video shows how to save TikTok drafts to your camera roll and post them as private videos. All you need to do is record your draft and select “privacy settings”. Next, you must scroll down through the settings under “Who can watch this”.

Select “only me” so that nobody else can see the video when you upload it. This video won’t appear to others among your other TikTok videos until you decide to make it public.

Now, you don’t have to worry about losing the draft when deleting TikTok. It is no longer technically a draft, but it serves the same purpose as a draft because nobody will see it until you make it public.

Do TikTok Drafts Go Away When You Update the App?

Your TikTok drafts won’t go away when you update the app. This only happens when you delete the app. One Redditor was able to keep as many as 322 drafts after updating the app, but many people hesitated to because they were worried about losing them.

How Long Do TikTok Drafts Last?

TikTok drafts last indefinitely until you delete the app. You will also lose your drafts if you get a new phone and install the app. Unfortunately, TikTok drafts don’t carry over when you log in on another device, but your published videos will still appear.

Can You Get Your TikTok Account Back After Deleting It?

You can get your TikTok account back within 30 days after deleting it. First, you must open the app and tap the “me” icon in the lower right corner. Select “sign up” and tap the “log in” tab at the bottom of the page.

Into your email address or phone number and password to log in. A message will appear that states your account has recently been deactivated. Select the “reactivate” option in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Now, you will have your account back and the old videos you previously published will appear on your page.

So, Do Your Drafts Go Away When You Delete TikTok?

Your drafts go away when you delete TikTok because that data is stored on your phone, and it is deleted when you remove the app. Save your video drafts to your camera roll so you can keep them even after deleting TikTok.

You can also protect your TikTok drafts by publishing them as private videos only you can see so you can switch between devices or get a new phone without losing the video.