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Does Bumble Automatically Update Your Location in 2023?

Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble have made it easier than ever to meet new people and find a romantic spark. Navigating these dating apps is just as exciting and fun as it is intimidating, especially if you don’t know how they work. So, does Bumble automatically update your location?

Bumble automatically updates your location when you enable location services and leave the app open. The app will also update your location for several days even if you leave the app open in the background. You can temporarily hide your location if you turn on Snooze Mode. Blocking a user will also stop them from seeing your location on Bumble.

You can disable location-sharing services on Bumble, but you won’t be able to match with new people. Follow along as we take a deep dive into how Bumble updates your location in 2023.

Does Bumble Actively Activate the Location?

Bumble automatically updates your location when you have the app open on your phone. You can also permit Bumble to update your location when the app runs in the background. Users cannot manually update their location on Bumble, and it is done automatically.

does bumble automatically update your location

When you first install Bumble, the app will ask you to give them permission to use location services. You must give the app permission to use your location, or else you won’t be able to match with anyone. However, you can still communicate with people you’ve previously matched with on Bumble if you disable your location settings.

Does Bumble Update Your Location Even if You Don’t Use the App?

Bumble doesn’t update your location when you don’t use the app. However, the app will continue to update your location if you leave it running in the background. Make sure to close the app when you’re done using it if you don’t want Bumble to keep updating your location.

Why Isn’t My Bumble Location Updating?

Your Bumble location won’t update automatically if you have a weak Internet connection. Check to make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi if your location won’t update on Bumble. Location updates will also lag when have a poor cellular connection or run out of cellular data when you aren’t connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Check your phone’s settings to make sure that Bumble has permission to track your location. If not, you must enable the location settings for accurate Bumble updates. In some cases, the location tracking and notification features of Bumble won’t work if the app is outdated.

Check for updates or wait for the app to automatically update. If the update doesn’t install automatically, you may simply have to uninstall and reinstall Bumble. After you reinstall Bumble, you will need to give the app permission to track your location again.

How to Change Your Location on Bumble

How Long Before Bumble Stops Showing Location?

Your location stops showing up on Bumble if you haven’t opened the app in a few days. Bumble will also stop displaying your location if you turn on Snooze Mode. Snooze Mode lets you hide your location and profile from matches you haven’t interacted with on Bumble.

The matches you’ve previously made can still see your profile, but it will say that you are “away”. This is a great option if you start dating someone you matched with on Bumble and want to hold off on meeting other people. Another scenario where Bumble won’t show your location is if you are far away from one of your set location pinpoints on your profile.

Can You Change Your Location on Bumble?

You can change your location on Bumble with a VPN, but Bumble will disable your profile if you get caught. Misleading your matches is prohibited on Bumble, and they will immediately delete your account. It’s not worthwhile to change your location on Bumble with a VPN because you will likely get caught right away.

Can You Hide Your Location From Someone on Bumble?

The best way to hide your location from someone on Bumble is to remove your location-sharing permission in your phone’s settings. Open settings, go to location services, select Bumble, and disable the location setting. However, this will hide your location from everyone on Bumble, so it can hold you back from matching with new people.

You can also turn on Snooze Mode to hide your location on Bumble. However, the only way to hide your location from one person on Bumble is to block them. To do this, you must click on their profile, tap the three dots in the corner, and select “block”.

How To Tell If Someone is Active on Bumble

Bumble doesn’t tell you when someone is active on the app. However, you can tell they are active if you message them, and they respond. Another sign that someone is active is if their profile has a “new here” badge as new members are typically the most active.

So, Does Bumble Update My Location?

Bumble updates your location automatically when you have the app open or if you leave it running in the background. You can stop Bumble from sharing your location if you close the app or turn on Snooze Mode. Otherwise, you can block a user on Bumble so they cannot see your location anymore.