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Disabled Accounts Cannot Be Contacted on Instagram (Fix It Quickly!)

Instagram provides the perfect alternative to text messages with its direct message system. While it’s a great feature, it can be confusing to navigate when unexpected notifications appear. So, what does “disabled accounts cannot be contacted” mean on Instagram?

If someone’s account has been banned or deleted, you will see a message that says “Disabled accounts cannot be contacted”. This can also occur if there is a glitch on Instagram’s end. In this case, you must unfollow and refollow the account to see if you can send them a message.

Otherwise, there is no way to reach out to an Instagram account that has been banned or deleted. Follow along as we explore what “Disabled accounts cannot be contacted” means on Instagram and see what you can do about it.

What Does Disabled Accounts Cannot Be Contacted Mean on Instagram?

They Deleted Their Account

If you see a message that says “disabled accounts cannot be contacted”, it’s a sign that they deleted their account. When you delete an account on Instagram, existing conversations with them may appear on your recent messages for a few days. It takes time for Instagram to catch up in some cases when a user deletes their account.

Refresh the app or wait a day or two to see if the message still appears. If you have the user’s contact information, simply reach out to them and ask if they deleted their account.

The Account Was Banned

You cannot send someone messages on Instagram if their account has been banned. It may take Instagram a few days to catch up, but old conversations will eventually disappear when an account has been banned. You can tell that is the case if you search their profile and nothing appears.

This can also happen if that user blocks you on Instagram. However, you won’t receive a message that says “disabled accounts cannot be contacted” if someone blocked you. Instead, you simply won’t be able to find or contact them on the app anymore.

Instagram Glitch

Instagram is a great app, but it isn’t perfect. Glitches still occur despite how long Instagram has been around, and a “disabled accounts cannot be contacted” message may appear if the account isn’t disabled. If you suspect a glitch, simply block and unblock the account to see if you can contact the user again.

This will likely work unless the user deletes their account or gets banned from Instagram.

You Need to Follow Them Again

In some cases, you simply need to unfollow a user and follow them again if you cannot send or receive messages from them. This is an uncommon glitch, but it can happen. Unfollow the account, wait a few minutes, and follow them again. Send them a direct message and see if it delivers.

How Do You Contact Instagram About a Disabled Account?

The best way to contact Instagram about a disabled account is to send them an email at However, this only helps if your account is disabled. Instagram cannot provide you information about other accounts whether they are active or disabled because it would violate their privacy guidelines.

Can You Get a Disabled Instagram Account Back?

You can get a disabled Instagram account back if you contact them soon enough. Instagram has a 30-day grace period for disabled accounts. Within those 30 days, you must reach out to Instagram and ask that they restore your account.

It typically takes Instagram at least 24 to 48 hours to reply to user requests. If Instagram restores your account, it may take a few days for you to get full access. Wait up to 48 hours before you get your account back before messages work again.

Can You Create a New Instagram Account After Being Disabled?

You can create a new Instagram account after being disabled with the same contact information in many cases. However, it is up to Instagram’s discretion and it is based on what led to your account being banned. For example, you may never be able to create a new Instagram account with the same information that you used previously if you violated a serious community guideline.

Otherwise, you can simply create a new Instagram account that doesn’t feature any of the same information as your old account.

This includes your email address, username, and phone number. However, you may not be able to create a new Instagram account if they banned your IP for a major community guideline violation.

So, What Does Disabled Accounts Cannot Be Contacted Mean on Instagram?

“Disabled accounts cannot be contacted” means that a user deleted their account or was banned on Instagram. This message can also appear if there is a glitch within the app. Search the account and message them from another account to see if you can contact the user.