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Can Your Snapchat Score Go Up Without Opening Snaps?

Friends, family, and curious Redditors understandably struggle to understand the Snapchat score system. It can be elusive and even confusing to figure out how the score system works, but it doesn’t need to be that way. So, can your Snapchat score go up without opening Snaps?

Your Snapchat score can go up without opening Snaps because you get a point each time you send one. However, you will lose the extra points that you get each time you open and respond to a Snap someone sends you. Snapchat users can tell when you don’t open their Snaps because it will appear as “delivered” instead of opened.

Snaps that you receive will eventually go away if you don’t open them after 30 days, or after 24 hours on a group chat. Follow along as we explore how it affects your Snapchat score when you don’t open Snaps.

How Does Your Snapchat Score Go Up?

Your Snapchat score goes up when you send and receive Snaps. You can also get points when someone views or reacts to your story on Snapchat. While you get more points when you respond and keep the conversation going, you also get a point when you open a Snap.

The more friends you have on Snapchat, the more your score will go up. However, you won’t get more points if you send out a mass Snap. For example, you won’t receive a point for each person who opens a mass Snap that you sent to several people in your list of friends.

Ideally, you should send unique Snaps to each person on your list of friends if you want your score to go up. You cannot earn points from sending text messages through Snapchat, however.

Can Snap Scores Go Up Without Opening Snaps?

Your Snap score can go up without opening Snaps if you continue to send them. However, you won’t receive a point from a Snap you receive unless you open it. Failure to open a Snap from a friend can also impact your Snapchat score if you have a streak going.

A Snapchat streak is when you and a friend continue to send each other Snaps for several days in a row. Once you break the streak, it will reset, and you won’t earn another streak until you continually Snap each other daily. Streaks also reward Snapchat users with funny emojis that appear beside their names as the streak continues.

However, this does not give you a Snapchat score bonus besides the points you earn from sending and opening Snaps.

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Does It Affect Your Snap Score If They Don’t Open?

It affects your Snapchat score when you send someone a Snap they don’t open. That is because you earn a point each time someone opens a Snap you send them. You won’t lose points if someone doesn’t open a Snap you sent them, but you won’t gain a point either.

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Can Someone See If You Don’t Open Their Snap?

Someone can see if you don’t open their Snap. When someone sends you a Snap, your name will appear, and it will say “delivered”. Once someone opens the Snap, it will say “opened”.

Nothing else will appear on the page until you send them another Snap and it says “delivered” or “opened” until you receive a Snap from them.

Can Your Snap Score Go Up When You Aren’t Logged In?

Your Snap score can go up when you aren’t logged in if someone opens a Snap that you previously sent. For example, you can send someone a Snap and log out, then you will receive a point once they open it even if you aren’t signed in. You can also receive a point if someone sends you a Snap even if you aren’t logged into the app.

Do Snapchats Go Away If You Don’t Open Them?

Snaps that your friends send you will eventually go away if you don’t open them. It takes 30 days for Snap that a friend sent you to go away. However, Snaps that you send via the group chat option will go away within just 24 hours if you fail to open them in time.

You still get a point for sending the Snap even if it goes away, but you will only get one point if nobody responds to it, and it disappears.

Does Your Snap Score Increase With Chats?

You cannot increase your Snapchat score with the chat feature. The chat feature serves as an alternative to text messaging that is done through the app. Only sending and receiving Snaps or getting Snap story views and replies will increase your Snapchat score.

So, What Happens If You Don’t Open Someone’s Snap?

If you don’t open someone’s Snap, the sender won’t receive a point. The Snap will disappear after 30 days, or after 24 hours if it is sent to a group. You still get a point when you send a Snapchat, but you won’t get the extra point that you would receive if the person opened or replied to it.