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The Best USB Flash Drive for VMware vSphere ESXi

When using VMware VSAN, you might want to run the Hypervisor from a USB Flash Drive so that you can maximise the amount of hard drive space dedicated to the VSAN cluster. But what’s the best USB Flash Drive for VMware vSphere? In this post, we’ll find out.

What’s the best USB Flash Drive?

I’ve used a number of USB Flash drives to run the VMware Hypervisor from and the best drive I’ve found is the SanDisk Ultra Fit*.

The reason I like the SanDisk is because it’s very small and doesn’t stick out the back of the server case when plugged in. See image below:

They’re also pretty reliable. I’ve used these flash drives in about 8 ESXi hosts and for a FreeNAS system and I’ve yet to have one fail. What I do, is install the Hypervisor on the USB Flash Drive, configure the host and then make a backup of the full drive using a tool like ImageUSB. That way, should the USB Drive fail, you can restore it or have a standby drive ready to boot.