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21 BEST Hashtags for YouTube Shorts (by Popularity!)

YouTube shorts have changed the way that viewers think about the most popular video resource on the Internet. You used to have to commit to long-form videos, but now, you can create and view shorts that provide quick bursts of entertainment and information. So, what are the best hashtags for YouTube shorts?

The best hashtags for YouTube shorts include #trending, #shorts, #viral, and #youtubeshorts. Trending hashtags change all the time, so it’s important to include hashtags that pertain to your content. YouTube won’t recognize your hashtags if you use more than 60 of them, so only use a few hashtags that will direct traffic to your shorts.

Shorts provide less revenue than standard videos, but they can help you grow your channel significantly. Follow along as we explore the best hashtags for YouTube shorts and highlight what you can do to get more views for YouTube shorts.

Do Hashtags Matter on YouTube?

Hashtags matter on YouTube because they increase your searchability. They increase the chance that your YouTube shorts will appear when they search related topics and words. For example, if you use the #letsplay and #horrorgaming, then more people will come across it if they look up let’s play videos of horror video games.

BEST Hashtags for YouTube Shorts

This will direct viewers toward your shorts, but only if the hashtag is applicable. For example, you could use those hashtags, but they won’t increase traffic if the short you post has nothing to do with them.

Most Popular Hashtags for YouTube Shorts

The most popular hashtags for YouTube shorts include #shorts, #viral, and #youtubeshorts. These hashtags have been used between 110 and 568 million times so far. While they are a great way to direct traffic to your shorts, you should always use hashtags that apply to your niche. Check out the list of the current top 20 hashtags for YouTube shorts.

#shorts568 million
#viral173 million
#youtubeshorts110 million
#trending105 million
#shortvideo64 million
#youtube52 million
#ytshorts46 million
#subscribe39 million
#shortvideo36 million
#viralshorts28 million
#reels21 million
#shortsfeed20 million
#trendingshorts17 million
#youtuber15 million
#share9.2 million
#shortsyoutube6.3 million
#shortsviral4.6 million
#youtubevideo4.6 million
#shortsbeta2.3 million
#youtubevideos2 million

Does YouTube Ignore Hashtags?

YouTube only ignores hashtags if you use more than 60 of them. Never use more than 60 hashtags on a YouTube short because none of the hashtags you use will register. This will make them useless, and it will also be off-putting to your viewers.

How to Increase Views on YouTube Shorts

Pick an Audience

Pick an audience to cater to if you want to increase views on YouTube shorts. Not only will a specific niche help increase views, but it can build a consistent base of viewers. It’s great to get a lot of views on one short, but your best bet is to consistently get many views on each of your shorts that cater to a specific audience.

Make Appealing Thumbnails

The thumbnail is the first impression that someone will get from your YouTube shorts. After you edit your short, pick a thumbnail that represents the video well or at least will grab someone’s attention. However, it’s important to note that thumbnails are less important for shorts than they are for standard YouTube videos.

That’s because shorts often work like Instagram reels where viewers swipe from one video to the next.

Run a Giveaway

Any successful content creator will tell you that giveaways are a great way to boost viewership. Whether it be MrBeast or Moneyunder25, many successful YouTubers gained popularity through giveaways. The promise of a giveaway increases engagement and helps keep viewers coming back.

Use Popular Songs

Many of the top Instagram reels and YouTube shorts use popular songs. Pay attention to trending audio and songs on shorts and reels to see what people respond to the most. It also helps to pay attention to Spotify analytics to see what the most popular songs are and include them in your shorts.

Cross Promotion

Cross-promotion is an essential part of social media growth, and that applies to content creators on YouTube as well. Use your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account to promote your YouTube shorts. Either put the link to your short in the description on your profile or post the video directly to your social media accounts to direct traffic to it.

Make How to Videos

“How to” videos are the second most popular type of video on YouTube right under music videos. While shorts offer a shorter format than standard videos, you can still explain how to do something. Watch other “how to” videos and fill the void of content that is missing on YouTube to get more views on your shorts.

Engage With Viewers

Engagement is essential to growth on any online platform, whether it be YouTube or TikTok. Like and respond to comments from your viewers to keep them coming back. Avoid responding to negative feedback and make sure to keep your comments thankful and positive for the best results.

Focus on SEO

Continually investigate trending YouTube searches to find keywords and topics that will direct traffic to your shorts. Use the “Explore” tab on YouTube to find Trending videos and searches. Pay attention to top Google searches as well and pick titles and hashtags that suit them.

You may have noticed that YouTube shorts and videos pop up when you search many topics on Google. The best way to ensure your YouTube shorts appear when people search for a topic is to use keywords in your title. This is a great marketing tool, and it helps direct traffic to your channel to get ad revenue of your own!

Look up topics that you want to make shorts about. Check the top related searches and make follow-up shorts that reference those searches and keywords.

Pay Attention to Analytics

Continually check the analytics for your YouTube channel. This will tell you which of your shorts get the most views, comments, and overall engagement. You will be able to see how many times the shorts have been shared as well.

Refer to the analytics before you post your next short on YouTube. Lean into the hashtags, titles, and content that your top shorts have. This will ensure that you continue to make YouTube shorts that perform well.

Pick the Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to posting YouTube Shorts. Generally, you can have the best success if you post videos and shorts between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM or from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM on most days. Pay attention to what day of the week similar content creators post their shorts on.

Your shorts are more likely to appear on people’s feeds if you post on the same day and time as similar content creators.

Are YouTube Shorts Better Than Long-Form YouTube Videos?

YouTube shorts are better for exposure than YouTube videos, but you can’t earn as much money with them. Shorts grant plenty of exposure because they appear after swiping past a previous short. This increases the chance that someone will organically stumble upon your channel.

However, YouTube gives content creators more revenue for traditional videos. For example, creators only get 45% of the revenue from a short, but you currently get up to 55% of the revenue from a long-form YouTube video. It’s up to you as a content creator to decide whether the added exposure is worth the lesser cut of the revenue.

So, What are the Best Hashtags for YouTube Shorts?

The best hashtags for YouTube shorts are #shorts, #viral, and #youtubeshorts. However, you will have more success if you mix popular hashtags with hashtags that pertain to the content in your shorts. Make sure that you use fewer than 60 hashtags or YouTube won’t recognize any of them and they won’t direct views to your shorts.