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22 Best Unfollow Apps For Instagram In 2023

It can be quite frustrating when your Instagram account is bloated with users you follow who don’t follow you back. Mutual connections are important for account growth, so it’s important to unfollow users who don’t interact with your content. So, what are the best unfollow apps for Instagram?

The best unfollow apps for Instagram are Followers & Unfollowers, Unfollow Uses, SpamGuard, Phantombuster, Follow Cop, and Massi. You can also use apps like Combin, AiGrow, DataJam, Nitreo, and nFollowers to unfollow many users at once on Instagram. Some unfollow apps violate Instagram’s community guidelines, so only download unfollow apps that are reputable and have great reviews.

It’s important to unfollow people who don’t follow you back to balance out your Instagram profile. Follow along as we explore the best unfollow apps for Instagram to help your account grow.

Does Instagram Let You Use Unfollow Apps?

Instagram doesn’t officially let you use unfollow apps. Currently, Instagram has strict rules regarding third-party apps. Unfollow apps that access your login information count as third-party apps in many cases.

Because of that, you must be careful when you choose an unfollow app. Unfollow apps are constantly removed from the app stores on iPhones and Androids for that reason. Exercise caution and only use reputable unfollow apps or your Instagram account may be shadowbanned or suspended.

22 Best Instagram Unfollow Apps

Followers & Unfollowers

Followers & Unfollowers is the most practical unfollow app for Instagram. That is because this app understands that you can only unfollow 200 accounts per day on Instagram. You can unfollow up to 50 accounts with one tap or click on Followers & Unfollowers.

Followers & Unfollowers tells you which accounts follow you back, and you can automatically unfollow accounts that aren’t mutual. It’s currently only available for Android users, but it will hopefully be available to iPhone users soon.

Unfollow Users

Unfollow Users is one of the simplest and most effective unfollow apps for Instagram. The app does exactly what the name suggests, and it makes it easy to manage your Instagram account. Whether it be quickly following users with mutual connections or unfollowing accounts that don’t follow you back, Unfollow Users is an invaluable app.


Countless Instagram users have learned the hard way that bots and fake followers can derail any account. SpamGuard understands this, and the app removes fake followers as well as comments that bots leave. You can also use SpamGuard to unfollow accounts individually or large groups of followers at once.


Phantombuster is one of the most sophisticated unfollow apps for Instagram. That is because they have a checklist of over 100 criteria that focus on analyzing your account and maximizing engagement. This includes maximizing mutual connections and unfollowing accounts.

The powerful AI Phantombuster uses to improve your Instagram profile lets you manage your account without doing any work. Phantombuster helps you adjust to the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, and that is necessary for growth.

Follow Cop

As the name suggests, Follow Cop helps you police your Instagram account. The app cycles through your followers and the accounts you follow to look for mutual connections. More importantly, Follow Cop also looks for bots and fake followers that delegitimize your account.

There is no limit to how many Instagram accounts you can monitor with Follow Cop. The app also tells you which of your followers like your posts and stories. You can also tell which followers simply ignore your posts.


Massi makes it easy to mass-unfollow users who don’t follow you back, or simply unfollow accounts individually. You can even set the app to automatically unfollow users who don’t follow you back. This will make your profile look much better if your follower count is close to your following count.

Followers+ Track for IG

Followers+ Track for IG is a great unfollow app if you have multiple Instagram accounts. You can unfollow users across each of your Instagram accounts if they are tied to the same phone number or email address. This saves plenty of time if you struggle to manage multiple accounts, especially when you have fake followers or follow too many accounts that don’t follow you back.


Combin is among the best unfollow apps for Instagram, especially if you also have a TikTok account. This app lets you follow and unfollow users on both TikTok and Instagram. You can use Combin to manage your account, see who interacts with your profile, and determine what type of content performs the best.

The most useful tool that Combin offers is that you can schedule Instagram stories and posts. Use the analysis the app provides to figure out what time your posts will reach the most users.

IG Analyzer Profile Tracker

IG Analyzer Profile Tracker provides key information about account interaction, and it lets you follow, unfollow, and block users. However, one of the best features this app offers is that it can tell you who stalks your profile. You can tell which users visit your page frequently without following you.

Reports+ Unfollowers Followers

Reports+ Unfollowers Followers may not be a catchy name, but it’s one of the best unfollow accounts for Instagram. They use 50 metrics to analyze your account and help you prioritize which followers you should cater to. Their analysis also indicates which accounts you follow that don’t follow you back.

One of the benefits of this app is that you can use it to monitor and manage four accounts at once. This is quite useful if you have several Instagram accounts, whether they are personal or for business.


The rise of bots and fake followers has made it difficult to trust Instagram. AiGrow understands that, and this app can quickly spot and remove bots that you follow and that follow you. You can use the app to remove followers, but it’s the consulting service they offer that makes AiGrow stand out.

AiGrow offers 30-minute consultations to help you understand and prioritize your growth goals on Instagram. That alone sets them apart from most of the best unfollow apps for Instagram.

Mass Unfollow for Instagram

Did you follow as many accounts as possible hoping they would follow you back? If so, there’s a good chance that many of them didn’t follow you back, and that’s where Mass Unfollow for Instagram comes into play. This app helps you quickly unfollow a ton of accounts that don’t follow you back.

You can save plenty of time and learn which accounts are worth following that will follow you back so your profile doesn’t look uneven.


Followers-Unfollowers is just as much about engagement analysis as it is about unfollowing users. It’s much easier to digest the analytics this app provides than what you can find on Instagram. Whether you want to unfollow users who don’t follow you back or want to learn more about engagement, Followers-Unfollowers is an invaluable app.


Nitreo is a service that emphasizes Instagram account growth. This includes following and unfollowing accounts as well as getting new followers quickly. Nitreo is especially useful for users who can’t seem to get past the plateau of their current follower count.


Instagram may provide analytics, but apps like nFollowers make them much easier to understand. This app can automatically follow and unfollow accounts based on mutual connections and engagement. You should especially use nFollowers if you want to grow your Instagram account to influencer status.

The unfollow feature on nFollowers is nowhere near as useful as the analytics the app provides. Some followers simply may not engage with your content, and nFollowers will tell you who they are. You can use this information to curb your content to appeal to more people or to unfollow them.


DataJam is much more than just an unfollow app. This app provides account interaction analytics, and it also lets you view accounts and stories anonymously. You can also tell who has been anonymously viewing your account, whether it be someone who has a crush on you, an ex, or someone that you haven’t won over as a follower.

Reports: Followers Tracker

Check out Reports: Followers Tracker if you have an iPhone. It isn’t currently available for Android users, but this app is among the best unfollow apps for iPhones. This app is particularly useful if you want to run a professional Instagram account.

It’s a free app that provides insight into who you should unfollow or remove from your follower list.

Followers- Tracker Insight

If you’re worried about unfollow apps using your data, you don’t have to think about that with Followers- Tracker Insight. Available on iPhones and Androids, this easy-to-use app provides information about mutual followers, post interaction, and more. Use this app to unfollow users who don’t follow you back to maintain a nice profile.

Unfollowers/Lost Followers

Unfollowing accounts and removing fake followers are important for growth. However, it’s also nice to see who views your account without following you. Unfollowers/Lost Followers provides this information, and it can provide insight into who has been checking out your account secretly.

You can quickly see accounts that have blocked you as well. This app is just as useful for finding analytics in a more streamlined way than Instagram as it is for unfollowing accounts.

Followers Assistant

How closely do you monitor your Instagram account’s activity? Followers Assistant is an app and service that does the work for you, so you don’t have to watch your account like a hawk. The most useful feature of this app is that it goes through your follower and following list to look for mutual connections.

If you follow someone who doesn’t follow you back, Followers Assistant can automatically unfollow accounts that aren’t mutual if you enable the app to do so. It is a free app, but you can upgrade to the paid version if you want additional features.


Growthoid has an impressive automatic follow and unfollow feature that helps trim the fat from your Instagram account. This service can target accounts that have similar interests to your account and automatically follow them. More importantly, you can also automatically unfollow accounts that don’t interact with your content.  


Inflact is one of the best Instagram unfollow apps because they emphasize account growth. Besides unfollowing accounts for you, Inflact provides key information about your account’s reach and engagement. Dubbed a marketing toolkit, Inflact is a great service if you want to cut through the crowd, reach more users, and get rid of users who don’t interact with your account.

So, What are the Best Unfollow Apps for Instagram?

The best unfollow apps for Instagram include Followers & Unfollowers, Unfollow Users, SpamGuard, and Phantombuster. Other apps like Nitreo, nFollowers, Follow Cop, and Massi let you unfollow many Instagram users at once. Be careful when you use unfollow apps because some of them may violate Instagram’s community guidelines.